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The World Education Fair - 2023

January 2023

It's remarkable that you've finally made up your mind to study abroad, but have you chosen the course, country, or intake? We acknowledge that making these choices might be a little intimidating, but that is why we are here: to assist you in determining your best match. In addition to the free counseling services we provide, Edwise International hosts a variety of fairs and exhibitions related to international education to further explain the procedure to international study aspirants like you.

The World Education Fair – 2023

Do you aspire to earn a prestigious degree in your field of study in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia? The World Education Fair in February 2023 will provide you the perfect opportunity to study a wide range of outstanding courses and make in-person interactions with institution representatives. You will have access to trustworthy sources of knowledge as well as fair and frank advice from seasoned academics who are more than happy to serve as your mentors. World Education Fair February 2023 is the only platform that offers all of this content. Participate in the World Education Fair, which will be hosted in 17 Indian cities. You can compile all of your issues and speak with university personnel directly.


 No  Date  Day  Time  Cities
 1  4th February, 2023  Saturday  10:30am-5pm  Chennai
 5th February, 2023  Sunday  10:30am-5pm  Mumbai
 7th February, 2023  Tuesday  10:30am-4pm  Surat
 8th February, 2023  Wednesday  10:30am-4pm  Vadodara
 9th February, 2023  Thursday  10:30am-4pm  Ahmedabad
 11th February, 2023  Saturday  10:30am-5pm  Pune
 12th February, 2023  Sunday  10:30am-5pm  Delhi
 14th February, 2023  Tuesday  10:30am-4pm  Chandigarh
 16th February, 2023  Thursday  10:30am-4pm  Jaipur
10   18th February, 2023  Saturday  10:30am-5pm  Bangalore
11   19th February, 2023  Sunday  10:30am-5pm  Kolkata
12  21st February, 2023 Tuesday 10:30am-4pm Vizag
13 23rd February, 2023 Thursday 10:30am-4pm Indore
14 25th February, 2023 Saturday 10:30am-5pm Hyderabad
15 26th February, 2023 Sunday 10:30am-5pm Coimbatore
16 28th February, 2023 Tuesday 10:30am-4pm Cochin
17 1st March, 2023 Wednesday 10:30am-4pm Trivandrum

For acquiring clarity on your dreams, this is the perfect setting. The chance to interact and network with university officials and representatives face-to-face will be your most valuable opportunity, and you won't even have to pay a dime.

Here's why you need to attend the World Education Fair

  1. Edwise International: Your One-Stop Destination For All International Education Needs
  2. With an avid result-driven experience of 14+ years, we always managed to receive gratifying critique
  3. Numerous students have had career transformations; you may be the next!
  4. Isn't it fantastic that there are numerous top institutions that are participating at the World Education Fair 2023?
  5. Talk it out - With the top universities and best representatives, that is all you have to do.
  6. Additionally, it is long enough for you to commence a conversation with any university that you plan on applying to. 7 hours to be precise
  7. You can engage in a discussion with institutes about profile analysis or...
  8. Get to know if there is a scope of obtaining application fee waivers or...
  9. Whether they favourably receive deferrals and online learning...
  10. What the employment landscape will look like in a few years, and...
  11. And last but certainly not the least, make inquiries about scholarships.
  12. Parents & guardians are also encouraged to attend!
  13. If you need assistance choosing a study destination, course, or university, Edwise counselors will be available at pre and post-counseling booths to help.
  14. You might seek profile-improvement assistance or...
  15. Help to draft Resume, SoP, and LoR, or...
  16. Expert advice on finances and visa or...
  17. Get trained to ace different admission examinations and English language assessments, or...
  18. To see exactly where your interests lie, take a career test.
  19. Furthermore, attendance is completely free, which is the nicest part.

Get ready, then! Never rule out the possibility that your future alma mater will be eager to speak with you. Take the most important professional decision at the Edwise World Education Fair.

For further assistance or queries related to Study in Australia, Study in Ireland, Study in the UK, Study in the USA, etc. you can contact us, Edwise International, and avail of our wide range of services for students on destinations.

Study abroad fair

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