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Studying Medicine in the United States

September 2022

Are you considering studying in the United States? Medicine is only accessible as a postgraduate option in the United States, meaning you must first earn a four-year pre-med degree in a topic such as Biology, Chemistry, or Neuroscience. This degree will then prepare you to take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), which is essential for admission to medical school. This blog is drafted to provide you with information on studying medicine in the United States, from the MCAT to the USMLE.

Studying in the USA

Where should I pursue medicine in the United States?

There are 172 medical schools in the United States of America that provide either a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree. Thus, if you are looking to study medicine in the United States, you have a plethora of options! The following are top-ranking institutions in the field of Medicine research:

1. Harvard University :

Harvard Medical School has excelled not just in educating the art of medicine but also in bringing out the finest in those who practice it for over two centuries. Students at HMS may follow their particular interests, discover their purpose, and learn how to transform medicine, science, and society.

2. Stanford University :

A research-intensive medical school that supports diversity and equips future leaders with the adaptability and resourcefulness they require. Stanford Medicine has a long history of pioneering research, innovative teaching techniques, and effective therapeutic interventions, making it a leader in the biomedical revolution.

3. University of California :

The UCSF School of Medicine, is consistently ranked among the best medical schools in the country, and derives its greatest distinction from its superb faculty. US News & World Report placed the School of Medicine fourth in research and second in primary care in 2021.

4. University of Pennsylvania :

The University of Pennsylvania is the country's oldest and one of the best medical schools. The University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine is routinely ranked among the top five research-oriented medical schools by US News & World Report.

5. Washington University in St Louis :

The Washington University School of Medicine is dedicated to improving human health in an environment that values diversity, inclusivity, critical thinking, and innovation. Students choose Washington University because of its supportive community, flexible curriculum, and exceptional post-graduate prospects.

6. Yale University :

Yale School of Medicine is a global leader in biological research, sophisticated clinical care, and medical education.

7 Columbia University :

Columbia's Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, founded in 1767, was the first school in the United States to offer the MD degree. It is a clinical, research, and educational enterprise.

8. Duke University :

Duke University School of Medicine is a national leader in medical education, clinical care, and biological research.

What are the prerequisites for studying medicine in the United States?

If you have any questions about the requirements, it is preferable to double-check them with your institute of application directly. However, all US medical schools demand that applicants complete a four-year pre-med undergraduate programme in a suitable field and show proficiency in the sciences in the areas of biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry. Because of this, many students prefer to enroll in biology or chemistry programs.

A strong MCAT score is also a crucial need for studying medicine in the USA as it affects your admission to a reputable university. You must put a lot of work into reviewing since the MCAT assesses both your capacity for critical thought and your scientific knowledge.

How to apply for pursuing medicine in the USA?

The American Medical College Application Service is used to submit applications to the majority of US medical schools (AMCAS). Your application, with information about your work experience, academic credentials, and extracurricular activities, as well as your MCAT score, will be sent to your chosen institutes by AMCAS.

The AMCAS application fee is USD 160 for one medical school, and an additional USD 38 is charged to add other medical schools to your application.

Generally, applications for top ranking medical institutes in the USA open in the first week of May and are due by the end of June.

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