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Study Abroad Guide

Studying in the Opportunistic Land: Canada

September 2021

Canada sees the enrolment of more than 18000 international students per year. The number of international students desiring to study in Canada, is increasing through the years. The country is home to over 96 universities and 175 community colleges. Colleges in Canada offer a vast array of courses across various disciplines. The land of opportunities, Canada is an international leader in Java, computers, networking and wireless communication. It has also acquired noteworthy place in various areas viz. Engineering, Transportation, Biotechnology, Environmental Studies, Aerospace, Telecommunications, among others. Worldwide recognized companies viz. Cineplex, McCain food, IMAX, Cinema, BlackBerry, Corel, BATA and many others have their origin in Canada. Students who study in Canada are provided with a peaceful, diverse and safe environment for both, learning as well as working.

Top Colleges in Canada

Study in Canada- Benefits

One of the most preferred study destinations in the world, there are numerous benefits of studying in Canada. These are as follows:

  • Safe country to study in
  • Bilingual Nation
  • Offers quality education and globally recognized degrees
  • Cheaper in comparison to other countries
  • Offers Canadian Immigration and PR (Permanent Residency)
  • Students can work during and after and offers Co-op programs
  • Ranked as the number one country to reside at

Top 3 Renowned Universities in Canada:

1. University of Waterloo

  • Main campus of the university is in Waterloo
  • Member of U15- the group of research intensive universities in Canada
  • Housed 30,600 and 5,300 undergraduate and postgraduate students respectively in 2016
  • Waterloo University is placed number one by The Research Info source 2018, for comprehensive research
  • Furthermore, the university has also been placed number one worldwide for student employer partnership by the QS Graduate Employability Ranking 2019
  • Waterloo University has been regarded as the most innovative in Canada for 27 years by Maclean's Magazine 2019

2. University of Alberta

  • Popularly known as U of A or UAlberta
  • Houses four campuses in Edmonton and one in Camrose
  • Offers 388 undergraduate and 500 graduate programs
  • Home to more than 40061 international students
  • 4th in Canada and 81st in the world for its impacts on research
  • One of the top 5 research universities in Canada

3. George Brown College

  • Houses three campuses in Toronto
  • The college offers numerous courses in Canada in a vast array of subjects
  • 35 Diploma programs, 31 Advanced Diploma programs as well as degree programs are offered
  • Provides immense momentum to the all-round development of students

Universities in Canada: Admission Intakes

Admissions to top ranking colleges in Canada takes place in three intakes:
September is the primary intake period for international students. The next intake takes place in January. Several Canadian Universities have a May intake as well. A student planning to study in Canada, should start preparing for the same one year in advance.

Popular Courses in Canada:

The colleges in Canada for international students offer a vast range of courses across various disciplines or fields of study. The popular courses in Canada include:

  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Project Management
  • Biology or Life Science
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Aviation
  • Hospitality
  • Business
  • Language
  • Sports
  • Architecture
  • Marketing
  • Engineering

Employment Opportunities in Canada

  • Co-Operative Work Term- Top colleges in Canada offer the Co-Operative work program to students who study in Canada, during the duration of paticular courses. Lasting for 12 to 17 weeks, this first hand practical experience provides students the opportunity to get started with their career, due to the extensive networking opportunites they acquire. Students can earn approximately C$700-C$900 per month through this program.
  • Work while Studying-Students are given the opportunity to work 20 hours per week off campus during course study and 40 hours during holidays. This, in turn, enables students to earn approximately C$11-C$14 per hour.
  • Work Permit- upon competing two years of study in Canada, international students are eligible for the Open Work Permit for up to 3 years.

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Top Ranking Colleges in Canada

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