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Study in USA For a Bright Future

Hosts to one of the finest education systems in the world, US colleges and universities have few of the most excellent programs in an ambit of disciplines. An alluring feature about study in USA is the fact that courses are conducted not only in the conventional subjects but also in the professional field as well. Students even receive the opportunity to learn from stalwarts in their field of study.


Here are some compelling reasons to consider studying in USA:

Top ranking institutions

Qualifications awarded by US colleges and universities are recognized throughout the world for their academic brilliance. Renowned for its quality research and training, the country is one of the most popular destinations for international students to study abroad.

Global Edge

Although the country has the highest number of education institutions when compared to other study abroad destinations, it makes no compromise in the quality of education that is imparted to its students. The faculty employed at these institutions are eminent personalities in their field of study and thus students are presented with the opportunity to learn from the world's best.


As mentioned earlier, the country hosts the highest number of educational institutions, that offer undergraduate, postgraduate as well as doctorate degrees. Moreover, students can specialize in their field of study. Not just academics, but the institutions also offer a varied social environment, allowing students to be the best version of themselves.

Financial Assistance

Whilst many students are under the misconception that studying in the USA will burn a hole in their pocket. The case is quite the opposite. Education in the USA falls under the category for value for money and is considered as one of the best investments for the future. US colleges and universities offer financial assistance in the form of scholarships, waivers, aids in a wide spectrum of avenues such as tuition fees, accommodation, etc.

Technology and Research

The country is known for its contemporary developments in technology that give students an opportunity to make a career in the technological field. Also known as the hub of innovations, students receive knowledge with excellent research opportunities, coupled with cutting edge technology.


When it comes to the choice of courses, US colleges and universities are extremely. What makes it distinct from other countries, is that during study, a student can transfer from one institution to the other and from one course to the other.


It's a known fact that the education system in the USA is one of the best in the world. As mentioned earlier, the financial assistance students receive from the university, allows them to have an affordable study experience. Moreover, with the increasing funding avenues for overseas education, students can be rest assured that their journey will be an economical one.

Post Study Work

Upon completion of the course, students are permitted to work for a year known as the Optional Practical Training (OPT). Students with certain degrees in the STEM field are permitted to work for 36 months. Upon the completion of their OPT, students can apply on an H1B visa which is also known as the work permit visa, for work.


With one of the strongest economies of the world, Americans derive a major portion of their income from occupational earnings. The country is at the fulcrum of telecom, medicine, health care and genetics.

US colleges and universities have a support system to help students adjust comfortably and transition to their lives in the USA. From orientation programs to assist with academic writing, even building resumes once students are on the edge of graduating are some of the many services that are offered.

A country of immigrants, it is an amalgamation of nationalities, ethnicities, cultures and religion. Their culture treats all equally, thus as international students, you can be rest assured that you will easily assimilate into life in the USA.

A country that has worked as a democracy for more than 200 years, it is strong economically as well as culturally. This provides the best base for students to harness their careers. If studying in the USA is a dream you have and a helping hand is all you seek, look no further, you've come just to the right place.


Student Testimonials:

The experience was very good and the guidance provided was upto the mark.

Name - Himanshu Modi
Country - USA
University - Florida Institute of Technology

It has been an excellent experience with Edwise.

Name - Chetan Padshala
Country - USA
University - Texas A&M University-Kingsville

It was a great experience with Edwise, the staff is helpful in all manners.

Name - Nishat Patel
Country - USA
University - CSU Fullerton

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