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Top 5 courses to Study in USA in 2019

January 2018

USA being one of the top most study abroad destinations of the world, offers some of the best courses one can opt for. Although it offers a wide variety of courses, it is majorly known for Computer Science, Engineering, Management, Pharmacy and Liberal Arts. These are the top 5 courses that a majority of international students decide to study from the United States. The reason being, USA has highly qualified and well reputed teaching faculty which imparts rich holistic knowledge. Also, the United States has a majority of world’s renowned universities which provides top class education.

Study in USA

A close look at the courses:

Computer Science:

At present Computer Science is the most opted for course. More and more students are increasingly choosing to study Computer Science considering the vast scope and bright future prospects it has. Computer Science is a popular upcoming field which focuses on fundamentals of computer programming and networking. USA being at the forefront of technology will certainly have the right and top class infrastructure facilities and teaching faculty which are sure to carve out a successful future for those opting to study the course


Engineering since forever has been a major field to study for many. It has always had an above edge over other fields. It is also a field whose popularity never dies. Due to this, every year an unimaginable number of students take up engineering. The United States is known for Engineering. Out of the world’s best engineering institutes, a majority of them are situated in the US. This is the reason why a large number of international students wanting to study Engineering desire to pursue it from the US. Engineering in the US is one of the highest paying professions with specializations like Civil and Mechanical Engineering fetching the highest salaries.


This is one such field which is pervasive in all business organizations. With businesses growing at a rapid pace, management as a profession can never die. It is a study focusing on developing ones skills like leadership, decision making, managerial skills, etc. By studying management, one develops understanding of business and business environment. USA is a home to some of the biggest companies in the world. Not only that, it is also the largest economy in the world which makes it a developed nation. Considering all these factors, management becomes inevitable. Hence, studying in USA will be the right decision towards a bright future.


Pharmacy is the study of medicines. The US being a developed nation is also excellent in the medical sector. As there is an ever increasing demand for quality medical services, the need to come up with different kinds of medicines always exists. Due to this there is a wide scope for those wishing to study medicines in the medical sector. Pharmacy being a wide field provides many options like clinical researcher, drug developer, scientific administrator, etc. from which students can choose.

Liberal Arts:

This study involves a number of disciplines. These include literature, political science, history, psychology, languages and many more. A degree in Liberal Arts does not prepare you for a specific job but for various other general employment opportunities in fields like advertising, journalism, education, finance, etc. There are a huge number of international students who choose to study Liberal Arts in USA over other courses as the scope for research in this area is huge. Not just this, but there is an abundance of employment opportunities in this sector in the country.

Study in USA

Student Testimonials

I’m very thankful for all the services provided by Edwise. My counselor was always ready to help me and solve my doubts and queries. They have been wonderful!!! Thank you Edwise.

Name - Abhishek Raj
Country - USA
University - Penstate University

My counselor helped me with all my application process. It is because of my counselor that I could choose the right course and university to study in. I was provided with all the details about the program as well as the university. Thank you Edwise.

Name - Chaitrali Rane
Country - USA
University - New Jersey Institute of Technology

Edwise provided valuable help right from application process to admission. My counselor has always been there to help me whenever I had any doubts. My entire admission process was very smooth, all thanks to Edwise.

Name - Kushal Ramdharne
Country - USA
University - Northeastern University

My counselor has been very helpful. I was always updated about my admission process. I would strongly recommend Edwise to all my friends and family. They have been a great support.

Name - Aishwarya R Wagh
Country - USA
University - Marshall University

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