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Study in UK: Student Life in UK Colleges

August 2021

The UK, a hub of high education is the most preferred study destination in the world. Home to world renowned universities and colleges, student life in the UK is enthralling. Universities offer courses in UK but other activities as well for students to participate in. Here are a number of things to partake in during your study in UK.

Study Abroad UK

Recreational Activities in UK

While studying in UK, one can visit places like London as well as other cities. Popular tourist attractions in the UK viz. the Big Ben, London Eye, House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace etc. should be visited. It is totally worth it! The British people are friendly and welcoming in nature. Students studying in UK colleges can attend numerous social groups. Not just this, there are a number of world-famous museums and archaeological sites that one should visit. Various carnivals are hosted round the year. During your study in UK, make it a point to attend these as it is here that students get an opportunity to interact with one another. Several colleges and universities in UK are among the oldest institutions in the world. Studying in these, enables one to experience the rich cultural heritage. The UK is adorned with innumerable historical towns. To acknowledge the cultural importance of the earlier times, students should visit these places of attraction during course break. Recreational activities in the UK are unlimited and of varied nature. Visiting local markets and exploring the local food of the country is always a great idea. The UK houses a number of cultural groups. During your study in UK, one should explore the diverse cultural traits, which in turn, will aid one in exploring the British lifestyle. UK, though blessed with numerous tourist places, it's closeness to other European nations is a major advantage. A large number of students visit nearby European countries like Scotland, North Ireland etc. during the semester end.

Academics in colleges in UK

The methods of teaching employed by UK colleges is a two-way process and highly reciprocal in nature, involving interactions between students as well as the professors. In addition to being interactive, academic culture in the UK is such that it pushes its students to independently learn concepts. This molds students to become self-sufficient and derive solutions to problems.

Sporting Activities in UK

There are immense sporting activities in the UK that students can experience when they study in UK viz. rugby, cricket, football, field hockey etc. Of these, football is the most popular sport. UK, home to the English Premier League, football fans are known worldwide for their interest and affection for the game. Thus, one is sure to find one's self at the forefront of sporting events.

Ethnic Cuisines of UK

UK boasts of a number of popular cuisines. British cuisine is simple, yet wholesome. Fish and chips is the most popular dish. Students however, will also find American, European and Asian cuisines due to the various cultural groups present in the country. When studying in UK, students can share their local food with their peers. This is an excellent way for students to increase their social group. With people in the UK, becoming health conscious, a number of healthy eateries are fast growing.

Entertainment activities in UK

During one's study in UK, one is sure to experience popular entertainment activities - theatre, exhibitions, music and film. There is a cinema hall in every corner around colleges in UK showcasing not only British movies but movies from the world over. Throughout the year, several film festivals are hosted in the UK attracting a huge number of fans. In order to understand the history of the country, one should visit the world-renowned museums, galleries and art spaces. Not forgetting the music lovers who can explore and immerse themselves in the various forms of music-opera, pop, jazz, hip-hop etc. at different avenues. Therefore, students will find an ample number of entertainment activities.

Social Groups

Various societies and clubs are present at nearly all universities in UK. Here, students can interact with like-minded people, thereby expanding their social group. Colleges in UK house drama clubs, sports clubs etc. Numerous UK universities have on-campus volunteering and community service clubs to train students to impact the world in a positive manner and imbibe values of activism. Academic societies of a particular department are present in majority of the UK universities, where students can participate in and broaden their knowledge in the particular area. Craft and baking clubs also exist.

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