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Study in Canada: What does it Cost

July 2021

International students have been attracted to study in Canada owing to a variety of reasons. Home to top universities, multicultural lifestyle, glorying student cities are some of the many reasons. If you too are looking at universities in Canada and want to understand what it will cost, you have come to just the right place.

Study in Canada

Tuition Fees in Canada

Compared to other popular study destination, tuition fees at universities in Canada are generally extremely economical. These not only depend on the university and course, but is also subject to slight changes through the years. Some say that Ontario is on the pricey side. The Tuition Fees (Approx.)/Year in CAD for Bachelors Program is 13,000 - 18,000 CAD. Some expensive courses in Canada include Medicine, Engineering and Social Science to name a few. Master's programs on the other hand may cost 17,000 - 25,000 CAD, wherein some expensive courses include Law, Computer Science, Business and Engineering. Once you understand what the cost range to study in Canada you are able to comprehend if you are able to afford it.

Cost of Living in Canada

Taking into consideration the high quality of life that is available in Canada, the cost is not a significant burden. If you decide to live in provinces such as Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa your living cost would be 800 - 1,500 CAD/month. On the other hand, cities such as Vancouver and Calgary are some expensive ones and thus may cost 2,000 CAD/month.

Accommodation Costs in Canada

The accommodation costs while studying in Canada can be understood as follows:

 Types of Accommodation  Living costs & expenses (Approx.)/month in CAD   In Indian Rs/Month
 Residency/Dormitory  350 - 515 per month   19,950 - 29,355
 Off campus Rental housing  350 - 700per month (shared apartment)   19,950 - 39,900
 500 - 1200 per month (single apartment)   25,500. - 68,400
 Homestay  550 - 800 per month   31,350 - 45,600

Financial Support in Canada

There are limited scholarships available to study in Canada, but they rarely cover the full cost of a program and are not always easy to find. Scholarships are available to international students with exceptional results. The amount awarded varies from institutions and usually covers only a segment of a student's education and living expenses. Obtaining a scholarship is very competitive and applications must be made directly to each university. Scholarships depend on whether students are pursuing under graduation or postgraduation in Canada.

Student Visa in Canada

To study in Canada, you also need a student visa for which students need to make payments. The documents needed for a student visa in Canada include:

  • The complete application form along with the visa application.
  • A valid Passport.
  • A Letter of Acceptance from the respective university.
  • The Certificate of Acceptance from the province of Quebec (If applied for Quebec).
  • IELTS score sheet/ TOEFL or English proficiency test score result.
  • GRE/GMAT score sheet (As per the student's case).
  • Visa processing fees - Bank Draft.
  • Proof of Funds

For any specific information or accuracy with respect to personal expenses please contact study in Canada, Edwise counsellors. Get in touch with us today.

Colleges in Canada for International Students

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