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Study Guide To Pursuing Phd In Canada

March 2023

It's important to pursue your PhD program through a reputable educational system. The favoured country for students to seek higher education has always been Canada. When well-recognized, PhD certificates can provide improved employment chances. There are several advantages to pursuing PhD programmes in Canada, including access to better-paying professions and recognition of academic distinction.

PhD Programmes in Canada

A PhD graduate from Canada can make up to 86,000 CAD per year, and depending on the job description, one’s pay will typically vary from 48,046 CAD to 98,889 CAD. In addition, Canadian PhD students can apply for scholarships to help pay for their tuition.

A quick overview of PhD in Canada:

 Study Duration  4- 6 years
 Total PhD universities  98
 PhD Admission Intake  Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer
 Average Tuition Fees  8,081 CAD- 16,122 CAD/year
 Popular PhD Courses  Arts and Humanities
 Business Management
 Computer Science
 Social Science
 Top PhD Universities  McGill University
 McMaster University
 University of Alberta
 University of British Columbia
 University of Montreal
 University of Ottawa
 University of Regina
 University of Toronto
 University of Waterloo
 University of Winnipeg

Requirements for studying PhD in Canada:

There are specific steps that must be performed in order to fulfil Canada PhD criteria if you choose to pursue your PhD studies in this esteemed nation.

  1. With your research project, submit an application to an ongoing PhD project or PhD programme.
  2. Get in touch with a qualified supervisor or research team.
  3. Find out the criteria for a PhD in Canada by visiting the university's official website.
  4. Send in all required paperwork prior to the application dates.
  5. Display project-related material, such as a research proposal or a personal statement.
  6. Two letters of recommendation from former teachers should be submitted.
  7. Attend a PhD video interview that the institution has planned.
  8. Apply for a study permit and an electronic travel permission after being cleared.

Eligibility Criteria for Indian students to study PhD in Canada:

It is necessary for Indian students to meet the requirements for a PhD in Canada. The submission of all these criteria will ensure an overseas student's successful admittance into Canada's top-ranked universities for a PhD based on the country's PhD requirements.

Consequently, the following are the main prerequisites for Indian students to be eligible for a PhD in Canada:

  1. A Postgraduate degree: For Indian students to be eligible for a PhD in Canada, they must first submit a master's degree in any field of study. A score of 80% is often expected by Canadian universities.
  2. Authentic Transcripts: International students must present all of their official transcripts from their prior academic achievements. They are called undergraduates and graduates.
  3. Scores: Most Canadian universities accept a score of A+
  4. Resume: During the application procedure, you may also send in your CV or resume. You may still be able to apply to the institution if you have job experience. For kids with poor academic standing, this method is beneficial.
  5. Research Proposition: A maximum of 1500 words must be included in the research statement that students must submit. The statement must be written in essay format and should either discuss your areas of interest in research or highlight any indicators of your enthusiasm for a particular topic. Additionally, you may specify the project supervisor you want to collaborate with.
  6. Writing Sample: Students are required to submit a writing sample that is between 5000 and 10,000 words long. The sample might range from a thesis to a research paper to an article submitted for publication, etc.
  7. Recommendation Letters: You must submit three letters of recommendation from academics. This must come from the mentor you studied under at your former institution of higher learning.
  8. TOEFL/ IELTS scores: You must submit the results of your English proficiency exam as the last stage in the PhD application process in Canada. The results of the English proficiency test are required to be submitted by all overseas students.
  9. TOEFL score: Overall 107/20
  10. IELTS: 7.5 overall

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PhD in Canada

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