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Study an International Relations and Politics in the UK

October 2023

UK, being a well-known country for education is also one of the most preferred destinations for abroad education in the world. The UK is home to several renowned universities that offer high-quality education. Having a wide range of courses to choose from, student's get a chance to choose and learn as per their interests and career goals. With a cross-border education, the students develop a broader mindset and find it useful for building their skills.

Politics and international relations degree UK

Reasons to study International Relations and Politics

International Relations and Politics is an emerging field that studies and understands the relations between different countries. It also studies the different aspects of society, security, laws, and governance of other nations. Focusing on the current international issues, it gives a better aspect of the field to its student. Here are some reasons to study International Relations and Politics in the UK:

  • Various subjects like International Law, Diplomacy, International Security and Global Governance are covered in brief. This helps in choosing a specific field for the majors.
  • The environment of the universities is such that it allows the students to involve in good research work and academic advancements. This promotes hands-on experience, critical thinking, and data analysis for the field.
  • The faculty members in the university have expertise in their field. With cutting-edge research and learning opportunities, it will add weightage to the students’ knowledge and perspective.
  • The UK, as a whole being an international hub for international organisations, think tanks, international diplomacy, gives ample number of opportunities to students who wish to connect with professionals, diplomats and policymakers in the field of international relations and politics.
  • Studying International Relations and Politics broadens the perspective and gives a global outlook that aligns with the international relations.
  • Cities like London, Edinburg, Manchester, and Durham have a good proximity to various international organisations, government bodies that favours food environment for better career prospects in the field.
  • While studying international relations and politics in the UK, one will develop key skills like public speaking, communication, analysing the data provided or already existing data, critical thinking, and a lot more. These are some transferable skills that would be useful for professional life.


Studying International Relations and Politics in the UK gives an opportunity to its students to gain exposure significantly in the field of study. Studying in a diverse environment will help the students in learning from faculties having expertise in the field. This in turn will provide a rich academic environment along with practical training in the field. Some of the exposures one will gain while studying international relations and politics are listed down below.

  • A student can engage in the curriculum by choosing subjects related to the field or as per their interest. This in turn will provide more knowledge about various subjects, a chance to research on the subject of choice and a lot more.
  • Studying international relations and politics gives a chance to participate in debates and social events. With this, skills like public speaking, negotiation, etc. are developed.
  • By attending seminars, workshops and lectures, a student gets a chance to listen to diverse perspectives and gain more insights from the industry experts.
  • While studying abroad, one gets a chance to know about other cultures, the different lifestyles and with this, the students develop a global mindset and a cross-cultural perspective.
  • Also, students get a chance to explore the cultural festivals, cultural meetings and events that will help in gaining cultural perspectives.
  • Scholarly research being a crucial aspect of the study, gives an exposure to students for doing thorough research by reading periodicals, newspapers, articles, subject-related books, listening to speeches on a regular basis that will keep the students updated with the daily news.

Best Universities for International Relations and Politics in the UK

The universities in UK are known for their high-quality education, research contributions, faculty expertise and the overall student experience. Listed below are the best universities in the field of international relations and politics.

Job prospects for International Relations & Politics

The job prospects after completing a degree in International Relations and Politics is promising. It has a wide range of job opportunities that are listed below.

  • Diplomacy and Foreign Service
  • International Organizations and NGOs
  • Government and Public Administration
  • Intelligence and Security Services
  • Think Tanks and Research Institutions
  • Journalism and Media
  • Corporate Sector
  • Consultancy Firms
  • Academia and Education
  • Non-Profit and Advocacy Organizations
  • International Trade and Commerce
  • Legal and Compliance Roles
  • Armed Forces and Defense
  • International Entrepreneurship

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Best UK university for international relations

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