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Top 5 Courses Popular In Ireland

February 2019

Ireland is the next upcoming study destination. It is gaining popularity among students due to the variety of courses it offers, efficient education system, top quality scientific research, wide recognition, and so on. Additionally, it is also an English speaking country which makes it easier for students wanting to study in the country. Ireland has become the second largest destination in terms of FDI. It is the education industry that has made Ireland one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

With this said, it is seen that the Indian students who pursue higher education from Ireland majorly choose any one out of the top 5 courses that Ireland is known for. These top 5 courses are:

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Computer Science:

It is the study of computer and technology combined. Computer Science is a vast field of study that includes topics like artificial intelligence, microprogramming, software development, Robotics, etc. Computer Science is a growing field. On understanding the wide scope this field holds, the institutions of Ireland offer rich programs on Computer Science which provide students with deep understanding of the field. Moreover, it is interesting to note that the European headquarters of Google are located in Dublin, Ireland. Studying Computer Science from Ireland can thus be of great advantage as it can open up many exciting opportunities. Also, Ireland is a comparatively small country. Hence any course you study, your professors are sure to be known professionals in their field. Here you can get a chance to meet well-known personalities of the filed by attending various workshops, events, conferences, etc.

Data Analytics:

If you are thinking to emerge in the Data Analytics market, Ireland is the right choice for you. Data Analytics today has become one of the most important requirements for businesses to grow. The universities of Ireland offering Data Analytics are equipped with faculty that consists of highly qualified and experienced individuals in the field. These professors train the students to efficiently collect, analyze, and interpret data into valuable information by providing them in-depth knowledge. Additionally, Ireland is currently facing Data Analytics skill shortage. This makes it beneficial for those who wish to study the subject as the country will offer high employment opportunities in order to reduce the skill shortage. Thus pursuing a degree in Data Analytics from any institution of Ireland is a viable option.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing has become the most important area in the IT infrastructure. In the recent years, it has garnered immense interest and investments from all over. As cloud computing is becoming the most integral part of IT and companies, the demand for individuals holding a qualification and the required skill has increased. Moreover, as the popularity of this field is growing, the number of job creations too has increased. Ireland is currently one of the many other leading countries in the field of business and technology. Hence pursuing any degree in any technology related field, be it cloud computing, computer science, or IT from Ireland, is sure to give high returns in the future.

Cyber Security:

With enormous data being generated every single minute and with the entire world running rapidly towards the digital space, an utmost need to secure the data from unscrupulous sources is born. This need is giving rise to the demand coming from companies for qualified individuals to protect the company generated data from unauthorized access. Cyber Security is one of the upcoming fields in Ireland. Irish companies too are rapidly recruiting qualified cyber security professionals in order to ensure data security.

Management :

This course imparts students with the holistic understanding of business. The subject of management is specially designed for those who wish to hold leadership posts in the future or aspire to take on entrepreneurship role. By studying management, an individual learns to lead and drive a team, help colleagues, head and carry out projects, and help the organization achieve its goals. The Management programs offered at the Irish universities focus on providing students with not just theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge. The faculty here themselves belong from the industry, hence the students get firsthand knowledge of the industry and market. Ireland is speedily developing in the field of business and manufacturing, in the field of IT, Pharmaceuticals, Communications, Finance, etc. thereby increasing employment prospects. Thus Management is another course worth studying from Ireland.

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Student Testimonials:

The Consultancy Is very helpful but they can improve on the time factor.

Name - Siddharth Kadel
Country - Ireland
University - Dublin City University

Edwise has been of great help. I got detailed information about every university from my counselor which helped me greatly in choosing the best university for me out of all.

Name - Jay C Shelat
Country - Ireland
University - University College Dublin

Edwise has been of great help. I got detailed information about every university from my counselor which helped me greatly in choosing the best university for me out of all.

Name - Navjyot Ukarde
Country - USA
University - Thunderbird School of Global Management

It was great being associated with Edwise. Right from my first day at Edwise till I got my tickets, they were always there to provide the right help. I happy and contented with the services rendered by them.

Name - Surashee Prasad Bhat
Country - Ireland
University - National University of Ireland, Maynooth

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