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Student Life and Culture in the UK

March 2024

Studying in a new country opens new opportunities and is indeed a transformative journey. It gives rise to personal growth, new horizons, and a broad mind-set. The UK is one such nation that stands as a nation with excellent education. Unlike other nations, the UK has a unique student life and culture.

Student life in the UK

How is student life in the UK?

The UK is home to some of the world's most prestigious universities, including the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and Imperial College London. These institutions are renowned for their academic excellence, with many of them consistently ranking among the top universities in the world. However, the UK also has a wealth of other universities and colleges that offer high-quality education across a wide range of disciplines. In the UK, the academic year normally lasts from September to June, with holidays for Easter and Christmas. Many universities use a modular curriculum, with students completing several modules over the course of the academic year. Students can choose from a wider variety of disciplines and develop a wide range of skills and knowledge as a result. The tutorial system is another distinctive feature of the education system in the United Kingdom. It is widely implemented at universities like Oxford and Cambridge. Under this arrangement, students meet with a tutor on a regular basis to go over their work and get feedback. The universities put emphasis on self-directed learning. Here, students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning, conduct research, and engage in critical thinking. This helps the students develop valuable skills for their future careers and fosters academic curiosity and creativity.

Work opportunities

An international student is allowed to work part-time during their semesters and full-time during scheduled breaks. A student is allowed to work part-time in the UK for 20 hours per week. The various work opportunities include. Retail and Customer Service, Hospitality and Catering, Administrative and Office Support, Tutoring and Academic Support, Internships and Work Placements, Freelancing and Gig Economy, Event Staffing, Delivery, and Courier Services, Research Assistants, Fitness and Recreation, Caregiving and Childcare, Promotional and Brand Ambassador Roles

Living/accommodation expenses

One of the most essential factors for international students is the cost of living in the UK. As per an estimation, students might have to spend £12,000 per year. Other expenses include study location, type of accommodation, lifestyle, etc. Also, other expenses like transportation, food, healthcare, personal expenses, and utilities need to be taken into consideration while studying in the UK.

Healthcare facilities for international students

The UK has a national healthcare system called the National Health Service (NHS), which gives free or low-cost medical care to all residents, depending on their visa status. Apart from this, universities also provide medical facilities to their students.

Transportation in the UK

It makes sense that after you're settled in the UK, you'll need to arrange a dependable way to go from your residence to your school. In addition, there are several reasons why you will need to go within the city. There are several different public transit options available to you, including buses and trains, which provide student passes at reasonably priced prices. The least expensive way to get around your neighbourhood or beyond is by bus. The bus's drawbacks include the possibility of traffic delays and longer travel times than other forms of transportation. International students studying in the UK may apply for a driving licence or a 12-month international driving permit.

Student support services

Many universities in the UK have dedicated academic advisors who provide guidance and support regarding academic processes, course selection, study skills, time management, etc. Counselling services are provided by universities to assist students' mental health and wellbeing. Counsellors with training offer students who are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues private help and direction. International students can get specialised support services to help them with immigration procedures and acclimatise to life in the UK. Pre-arrival information, orientation courses, guidance on obtaining a visa, and help adjusting to a new culture are a few examples of this.

What are the various challenges faced by international students?

  • Adjusting to a new culture can be challenging for international students. There are differences in norms, customs, and traditions that may lead to cultural shock, homesickness, or even isolation.
  • The teaching method might vary. This might include independent study, critical thinking, and academic writing skills.
  • Finding suitable accommodation can be challenging as there is limited availability, high rental costs, and an unfamiliarity with local housing regulations.
  • There are cultural differences in healthcare practices, language barriers, and homesickness that affect students.

The best universities in the UK

The best universities in the UK are as follows:

What programmes can I study at UK universities?

Some of the best programmes offered by UK universities include Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Management, Science and Engineering, Health and Medicine, Public Health, Law, Special Education, Creative Arts and Design, Hospitality and Tourism, Environmental Studies, Agriculture and Forestry, Information Technology and Computing, and Artificial Intelligence.

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Culture in the uk

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