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Student Accommodation In Canada

April 2022

Home to over 65,000 international students, Canada is among the preferred study overseas destinations. In comparison to the other study abroad destinations, tuition fees and the cost of living in Canada is comparatively cheaper. Canada is home to a number of colleges and universities that experience the enrolment of many students who desire to study in Canada. The educational institutes offer international students an array of programs to study in Canada. Over 10,000 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, certificate courses, and professional degree programs are offered by universities in Canada. Students can also opt for varied programs like diplomas, short courses, degrees, certificate programs, etc. across various disciplines like computer technology, fisheries, business studies, telecommunications, medicine, paramedical technology, agriculture, environmental science agriculture, among others.

Generally, first-year students are required to stay on-campus, while the others can choose from on and off-campus housing options.

Best Colleges in Canada

On-Campus Accommodations

Canadian educational institutions regularly offer students the option to rent on-campus accommodations that are owned by the school. These include dormitories or residences. Various advantages are offered by dormitories or residences. It allows students to be in close proximity to their classes, this helps save transportation costs. On-campus housing is preferred by a number of students as it allows them to live among their friends, provides networking opportunities, and fosters new friendships. At times, on-campus accommodation may include purchasing a meal plan. This enables students to eat their meals at on-campus cafeterias. Also, it facilitates spending less time cooking and more time studying. Not just this, on-campus housing provides students with several other benefits such as access to all the amenities and support services provided by the college/university. They have access to the fitness or swimming facilities, etc. at the institution. The costs of living on-campus are comparatively less than off-campus accommodations.

Off-Campus Accommodations

These include shared apartments or condominiums and vary based on the location of the college/university. Here students are provided with a single room, in a living space with one or more roommates. These consist of a single-occupancy bedroom or living space with a shared bathroom, kitchen, dining, and living room area. Students very often prefer a rented apartment as it offers them more freedom to travel and explore the new city without any restrictions imposed. At times, finding a place of your choice is not easy and requires a lot of research to be done. Here also students have access to all the main facilities. This kind of accommodation (rental apartments) is generally opted for by students who lack the finances and certainty to invest in a long-term property. This kind of accommodation can range from C$400 to C$900. The rent in large cities like Vancouver and Toronto can be as high as C$3000. It is possible that rental apartments may not include meals or any furniture. This will have to be taken care of separately by the students. A rental agreement or lease is a legal agreement with the landlord i.e. the owner of the property. Such agreements are legal and the tenant will have to pay the rent on a monthly basis either by cheque or in cash. Many owners also ask for a damage deposit.


This is another type of off-campus accommodation in Canada. Here students are paired up with families already residing in the area where they are studying. This initiative is taken by certain schools. Each homestay differs from the other. Students who choose this kind of accommodation are generally provided 1-3 meals each deal by the host family. In addition, one residing with the host family partakes in their activities as well. This is a good way to get to know and greatly immerse one’s self in the new culture. Homestays may cost a little more. Nevertheless, the student will be left with more time to concentrate on his/her studies as most of the important day-to-day activities will be taken care of by the host family. The average cost of accommodation in a homestay per month would be around C$500 to C$1200.

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Colleges In Canada For International Students

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