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Steps to write an effective Statement of Purpose for study abroad

July 2021

Overseas education has become the new normal for aspiring students. As a study abroad offers a newer and more advanced level of education, students that wish to further their professional and personal goals, often opt for this educational pathway.

While applying to universities abroad, international students have to submit certain documents for admission. One of these important documents is the Statement of Purpose (SOP). An SOP is an essay document that highlights a student's personal background, academic and professional qualifications and how study abroad will benefit their holistic profile.

SOPs have to address certain parts or sections to be effective and looked at favourably. Below are the topics that have to be covered in an SOP.

Study Abroad

Personal Background:

In this section, students should introduce themselves, their family background, values etc. This adds a personal touch to the SOP. This lets the university know where the student is from, where they have their roots and the kind of person they are.

Academic Credentials:

The next and most critical element of the SOP is academic credentials. In this section, you must highlight all the relevant academic qualifications that are aligned with the course of application.

The student has to present and exhibit all the relevant qualifications to pursue their desired course. In this section, it is suggested that the student names subjects relevant to the course of application.

If any relevant academic projects were undertaken they should also be mentioned.

Work Experience:

In this section of the SOP, it is imperative that relevant work experience is highlighted as this section has gained significance and holds great prominence to universities abroad. This shows the admissions committee that you are committed, hardworking and willing to go the extra mile to achieve set goals and targets.

Mention the name of the organization, designation, tenure, and responsibilities and what you have learnt through this experience and the skills developed.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Universities abroad greatly appreciate an applicant that has participated in extracurricular activities as it is indicative of a holistic personality. In this section, highlight your hobbies, interests, published or submitted work. Talk about your skills/attributes; give relevant examples of activities undertaken.

Country of Interest:

In this section, highlight why you have chosen to study in this particular country, what sets it apart from other countries, mention rankings and unique attributes of said country, and how it is a better option than your home country.

University of Interest:

This section is an important one. In this section, talk about why you have chosen to study at this university. Elaborate more on its features, rankings, recognitions etc. You can also mention specific clubs/societies that you are looking forward to participating in, the infrastructure, facilities, services, rankings and other general features that have made it your university of preference.

Course of Interest:

The next critical aspect to explain is why you wish to study the said course. Talk about why you are interested in the said course and why you want to study that course at the university. Mention subject's part of the specific program that have appealed to you, mention professors teaching the program that you are looking forward to learning from and why.

Future Goals/Aspirations:

In this section of the essay, mention your aspirations, your short term and long-term goals as universities appreciate far-sighted individuals. Explain your goals for the future and how studying the course will help you. While mentioning your future goals, be specific and talk about a specific company or designation that you are aiming at, if any, or if you want to set up your enterprise etc. Highlight how the knowledge gained from the course will benefit you and how you plan to apply the knowledge, to your home country. Never talk about stay-back plans in the SOP.

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