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STEM Education of US: A Step Towards Bright Future

September 2021

In recent years, the number of STEM employers has increased as compared to non-STEM employers. There are more than 9 million people who are STEM workers. STEM education prepares students for the future. There is a high demand for STEM in society. It promotes a wide range of careers and it also raises social awareness.

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What is STEM education?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It was introduced in 2001 by the National Science Foundation. It is about teaching children more concepts of Science and Mathematics. It is a collection of all the courses that lie under Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Subjects related to this field are inter-related. Some institutes start teaching students in the early stages. It focuses on teaching students how to think critically and how to solve a problem and also focuses on teaching student's real-world application and teaching methods. This field is not only theoretical but also practical. Students are made to apply the theories that are being taught via projects and experiments. STEMs employer are paid 70-80 percent more than non-STEMs. It is a teaching philosophy that combines all four majors into a single and cross-disciplinary program.

Why STEM education is important?

Our world relies mainly on STEM. Each STEM module brings out a valuable and well-rounded contribution to education. It gives people more skills that make them capable. Science helps students to become better researchers and understanding of the world, Technology prepares them to make the world full of high-tech innovation. Engineering allows the student to enhance their problem-solving thinking to apply that knowledge in new projects and lastly, Mathematics helps students to analyse information, make conscious decisions, eliminate errors. Therefore, STEM prepares students in a way that transforms society with sustainable solutions and innovation. Being a graduate from the STEM field will give a person to stand out from thousands of job applicants.

The benefit of STEM education.

Graduating from the Bachelor and Master level of STEM gives endless benefits to the students. Moreover, pursuing STEM from the US will give a student a lot of benefits. US has a multicultural environment where completing your STEM education will become more fruitful and fun. Students graduating from the US are more likely to get better job opportunities, high salaries, higher immigration chances, etc. It also offers an enhanced length of work visa and allows students stay-back period after the course. It allows students to build their confidence by making them work again and again on their failures. It encourages students to try out new experiments, it also teaches teamwork by making them work together to find a solution to the problem, recording data, give a presentation, write reports and many other group activities. This will help them understand how to work as a team and collaborate.

Less freedom in classes

STEM gives less freedom to students for fun classes because they need a solid foundation to understand a broad array of subjects. Students don't have much control over the choice of courses than other courses. Compared to other programs students gain a degree in one course while in STEM, students are required to gain proficiency in all four. Therefore, they don't have much time to participate in extra curriculum activities other than STEM. The program doesn't work unless they make steady progress in all four categorize simultaneously. These programs are well-known for having heavy workloads because the subject in the program is super complex. To understand the subject’s students, take extra classes.

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