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Safety Tips For International Students In Germany

September 2022

Every year, Germany greets thousands of international students to study at one of its world-class universities. This country has increased in popularity among international students in recent years, owing to the numerous benefits that the German education system provides. When you get there, you will be surrounded by a large number of other international students. So getting around and socializing will be easier than you think. Given the sheer number of international students who enroll in German universities each year, you should feel confident that you will be fine without taking any special precautions in everyday life situations. Germany is a safe country, so there's no need to be concerned.

Universities in Germany

This country is a major academic destination for international students from all across the world. It is home to globally ranked universities, whose internationally valued degrees potential to increase productivity employability, and a one-of-a-kind student experience. According to the Global Peace Index 2019, Germany ranks 22nd out of 163 countries, making it one of the world's most peaceful countries.

It is also ranked 20th in the Societal Safety and Security domain. Terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, and Berlin in recent years, however, have shown that Europe may also be vulnerable to threats. As a result of the two terrorist attacks that occurred in 2016, there has been an increase in security at transportation hubs, public buildings, and major events that draw large crowds. Let's go over this piece of advice together so we're completely prepared for our visit to the land of castles..

The first thing you should learn is the emergency phone numbers.

The emergency number in Germany is 112, and it can be dialled from any telephone for free. This number will link you to the Ambulance and Fire Departments. If you dial 110, you can contact the police.

Contact the German embassy or consulate.

As a foreign student, you can also get in touch with the German embassy or consulate. This means that if you have any issues, you can contact an official representative from your home country, who will try to assist you.

Request assistance from the police.

Germany's police force is dependable and trustworthy. They patrol cities in Germany on foot, bike, motorcycle, or car. The police advise people not to be afraid to call, so dial their number whenever you need assistance.

Hold your belongings close at hand.

Carry your belongings close by when traveling or visiting a new location. This is extremely crucial in congested areas. Theft and pick-pocketing are commonplace throughout the world, not just in Germany. Carry valuable items in separate places, such as a passport in a travel bag, money in a wallet in the pocket, a mobile in a separate bag, and so on.

Avoid using public spaces that are empty at night.

Despite the fact that people in Germany claim to feel safe, it is always a good idea to avoid empty spaces. Empty parks and desolate streets should be avoided if you are alone at night.

Don't get drunk while you're on your own.

If you're going out to a party or a festival or gathering, make sure you're accompanied by people you trust. Because there are usually inebriated people in clubs, fights can occur. Maintain your safety at all times. Avoid drinking alcohol alone, especially if you're in a new place.

When using an ATM, be cautious.

When withdrawing money from a cash machine or ATM, be cautious, particularly if you are alone. Simply be aware of whether someone is around you and whether you notice any unusual behaviour. You do not want people to steal your money.

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Top Universities in Germany

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