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Reasons to Study in Canada Among Other Study Destination

September 2021

Canada is not only famous because of the celebrities like Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber but it continuously ranks as the best country in the world. It is quite a popular country among other study destinations for study abroad. Study in Canada will help you get a world-recognition degree. It hosts more than half-million international students. It welcomes students around the globe. Courses offered by the colleges and universities of Canada for both undergraduate and postgraduate students are very immersing. There are many reasons to study in Canada and why it stands out among other study destinations. Here are some reasons.

Colleges in Canada

1. Scholarship and Education system: the majority of students choose Canada as their study destination because of its high quality of education. This leads students to have a successful future. 26 of Canada's universities rank in the best universities in the world list. Canadian degree is equivalent to the degree of other study destinations.

2. On-campus Lifestyle: Apart from the courses, Canadian universities also host sports events, fest and club activities. The campuses are very lively and vibrant. Every university has its own event as its objective is not only to educate students but also to help them socialize by impelling them to participate in different events. This empowers students to handle studies as well as get along with their university mates. Students also get free newspapers, Wi-Fi, magazines, etc.

3. Job and Internship Opportunities: Canada has a unique way of teaching. They allow the student to work while studying. This is called Co-Op program. The student who is in the Co-Op program can do an internship along with the study. It helps in gaining theory and practical knowledge at the same time. Students can work for 20 hours off-campus while on-campus does not need any work permit. For technical students studying in Canada is an ace card as there are many opportunities available for them. Students are allowed to apply for 3 years of post-study work permit which depends on the course duration.

4. Government Support: The government of Canada support international students who are interested in research in the discipline of agriculture, science, medical, environment, etc. By Government also provide scholarship for the students to complete their research work. Studies in Canada slide down the windows of opportunities. In Canada, the education responsibility is of the provincial government, so the provincial government ensures the quality of education throughout Canada.

5. Canada as a Society: Canada is said to be one of the safest countries in the world. The people of Canada are very warm and helpful. They welcome people with open arms. It is a multicultural country. Throughout the year, Canadian celebrate festivals of all the people around them. The tourist rate is also very high. There are plenty of beautiful places to explore in Canada. It never fails to satisfy one's eye with its beauty. There are also wildlife and amusement park to explore. Canada is the country where one can never get bored.

6. Immigration: As international students spend most of their time in Canada, they do have a chance to become a future Canadian, so if they want to stay in Canada then IRCC offers them these opportunities. Being in Canada for three years, adapting to the culture and atmosphere can want them not to leave this country and apply for permanent residency. There is another opportunity for the students even if they don't want to reside permanently but want to gain work experience then all they have to do is apply for the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program (PWPP) which allow students to work for 3 years after completion of the course.

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Courses in Canada

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