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Reasons to Study in Boston

December 2023

Boston is a city that has been an appealing destination for many ambitious undergraduates. The city is home to some of the oldest universities and institutions that provide good-quality education and ample amount of exposure. Boston is a city where one can find many reasons to study. Some of the main reasons to study in Boston are as follows:

Top Reasons to Study in Boston

Excellent academic atmosphere

Boston is a city known for higher education. Being home to 50 colleges and universities and more than 2 lakh international students, the concentration for academics adds to the vibrant culture of Boston. Boston has many inspiring libraries and prestigious academic institutions that continue to be the intellectual pursuit. In addition, there is student support available for all the students.

Friendly environment

Boston is a city with a friendly environment. The smaller size classrooms makes it easier for the students to benefit from the on-campus training. Also, the city has a lot of extracurricular activities. Students can enjoy the city’s wide range of restaurants, entertainment, sports and many such events.

City of Arts and culture

When it comes to arts to culture, Boston has a rich history with cultural hotspot, which is ideal for students who are also music lovers. In addition, there are many museums, theatres and much more.

Great city to explore

Boston is a city, which is considered as a major travel hub in USA. With frequent non-stop flights, Boston can be considered as one of the most explored places in USA. Also, Boston is home to beautiful beaches with a lot of activities like hiking and skiing. With a close proximity to universities, students get a chance to explore the city.

Good start to career and many job opportunities

With a vibrant and intellectual atmosphere, Boston serves as a headquarter to Bain Capital, Converse, Boston scientific, State Street and Fidelity Investment. With a city leading in a number of industries, Boston has many firms growing. This makes the place a great place to start a career. This city is known for opportunities to connect for networking and work experience.

Best universities in Boston

How is student life in Boston?

  • Boston is a city that attracts student population from all over the world. This contributes to a multicultural environment. This enriches the student experience and promotes cross-cultural experience.
  • The city is in close proximity to various industries, technology, healthcare, finance and biotechnology. This provides ample amount of internships and job opportunities. The industries have strong connections and local companies.
  • Boston encourages community engagement. Students participate and volunteer in student community services. This provides an opportunity for students to make a positive impact.
  • The city of Boston is good for sports and students get a chance to culturally immerse themselves by attending sports games, events, etc.

Cost of education and living in Boston

Cost of education:

 Type of degree  Cost of education
 Undergraduate   $ 40,000- $ 70,000 per year
 Postgraduate  $ 50,000 onwards

Cost of living:

Type of facility/utility  Cost per month
 Housing (including electricity, groceries, rent and water)  $ 100 to $ 2000 per month
 Transportation  $ 90 per month
 Health insurance  $ 1000 - $ 3000 per month
 Personal expenses  $ 5000 per month

How well is Boston connected to other American cities?

  1. The principal airport for the Boston metropolitan region is Logan International Airport, which is situated in East Boston. It serves as a key hub for both domestic and international flights, offering easy access to destinations all over the world including the United States.
  2. The national passenger rail service, Amtrak, serves Boston. Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor (NEC) offers high-speed train service between Boston and major East Coast cities, such as New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.
  3. Boston is connected to numerous towns and cities around the Greater Boston area by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), which runs commuter train services. There are commuter rail lines that go to places like Newburyport, Lowell, Fitchburg, and Worcester.
  4. Greyhound and Mega bus are two examples of intercity bus services that offer reasonably priced and practical ways to travel between Boston and other major cities. Routes to locations across the US are available through these services.
  5. Boston is well-served by a number of major roadways, such as Interstate 95, Interstate 93, and Interstate 90 (the Massachusetts Turnpike). Road travel to neighbouring cities and areas, such as New York City, Providence, and the remainder of New England, is made easier by these roadways.
  6. Boston is home to the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, a cruise port that handles cruise ships bound for both domestic and foreign locations. For those looking for a maritime travel experience, this offers an additional choice.

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