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Reasons to Study Animation & Gaming in Canada

March 2024

In recent times, the animation and gaming industry have gained tremendous growth through interactive experiences and storytelling. As Canada is a hub for the animation and gaming industries, international students are attracted to these fields. With a thriving entertainment industry and world-renowned studios having a presence, Canadian institutions offer a good environment for passionate individuals.

Reasons to Study Animation & Gaming in Canada

Why study animation and gaming in Canada?

  1. Canada is home to several institutions that offer the best animation and gaming programmes in Canada. Renowned institutions like Sheridan College, Seneca College, and Vancouver Film School are internationally recognized for their excellence in animation and game development programs.
  2. Canadian animation and gaming programmes are designed to provide students with relevant skills and knowledge. The curriculum has the latest trends, technologies, and techniques that are used in the animation and gaming industries. The programme ensures that the student is well-prepared for the industry.
  3. Many Canadian institutions boast state-of-the-art facilities, including animation studios, motion capture labs, and gaming development labs. Students have access to cutting-edge equipment and software, allowing them to hone their skills in a professional environment.
  4. Canada offers a wide range of career opportunities in the animation and gaming industries. With major animation studios, gaming companies, and digital media firms present, students have the chance to work in feature films, television shows, video games, mobile apps, and more.

The top universities for animation and gaming in Canada

The top universities for animation and gaming in Canada are as follows:

Sheridan College Sheridan College places a strong focus on portfolio development for gaming and animation for aspirants. The college offers project-based learning, hands-on experience, and a portfolio showcasing their creativity and skills. The college is known for its approach, comprehensive curriculum, and high success rate of graduates. This makes it a top choice for aspiring animators and game developers who wish to seek success through quality education and career opportunities in the field. 

Vancouver Film School Vancouver Film School (VFS) offers specialised programmes in gaming, animation, visual arts, visual effects, and digital arts that are specially designed to provide students with relevant skills and knowledge. The curriculum was developed in collaboration with industry professionals. This ensures that the students learn through the latest techniques, tools, and trends used in the gaming and animation industries.

Seneca College Seneca College provides programmes specifically designed for the digital arts, gaming, and animation industries. These courses equip students with practical knowledge and specialised instruction in their field of study, setting them up for successful jobs after graduation. Seneca College is well-connected to the digital arts, gaming, and animation sectors. To increase students' exposure to possible employers and career possibilities, the institution presents guest lecturers, works with industry partners, and organises networking events.

Ontario College of Art & Design Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) is considered the top art school in Canada. The institution’s animation and gaming programme is a combination of practical learning along with creative course options. The course covers topics like guerrilla entrepreneurship, exploration, insight and foresight in design, illustrative activism, motion graphics, sequential narrative, virtual communities, play behaviour and game design, interactive communication, clever devices, media, messages, and the cultural landscape and illustration. Furthermore, the institution focuses on creativity and innovation. This also provides a strong foundation for a career in gaming and animation. This requires a combination of artistic and technical skills.

Langara College The curriculum for Langara College's animation and gaming programmes was created with the present state of the industry in mind. Students are prepared for jobs in a variety of fields within the gaming and animation industries with courses that cover a wide range of topics, including game design, 3D modelling, animation concepts, and digital storytelling. The instructors at Langara College have a background in gaming and animation from the industry, which allows them to bring real-world knowledge and experience into the classroom.

LaSalle College LaSalle College offers specialised programmes specially tailored for gaming and animation. These programmes provide a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of game design, animation techniques, storytelling, character design, and many more. Additionally, the students get hands-on learning experiences, high-end classes from experienced teachers, and internships and work opportunities after course completion. The college offers extracurricular activities to help students upskill in their area of interest.

Eligibility criteria for studying animation and gaming

  • A candidate must have a high school diploma or equivalent for a UG programme, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the case of graduate programmes.
  • Specific programmes require mathematics and visual arts as prerequisites.
  • International students need to demonstrate their scores in IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).
  • A portfolio showcasing the artistic skills, creativity, and potential of animation. The portfolio should include examples of drawings, illustrations, animations, or other relevant work. Gaming programmes require applicants to demonstrate their proficiency in programming languages such as software development or game sign. Also, sample work for technical assessments is required.
  • Institutions require applicants to submit their letters of recommendation, statements of purpose, or essays.
  • Some individual programmes require the student to appear for an interview as part of the admissions process.

Career prospects for animation and gaming in Canada:

The animation and gaming industry has promising job opportunities for individuals who have the necessary skills. Some job opportunities in the field include animator, game designer, game developer, visual effects (VFX) artist, storyboard artist, concept artist, art director, character designer, game producer/project manager, educator/instructor.

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Best Reasons to Study Animation & Gaming in Canada for International Students

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