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Study Abroad Guide

Pursuing Bachelor's in Canada

November 2021

Canada, a preferred study abroad destination among many international students is a beautiful country with picturesque lakes, rich landscape and a multicultural and welcoming country. There are a number of world renowned colleges in Canada. Courses in Canada are offered across various fields of study. Education in Canada is comparatively cheaper than other study overseas destinations like the USA, the UK and Australia. A degree from a Canadian institute has global recognition and is appreciated by employers in India and the world over. One deciding to pursue his/her higher studies should choose to study in Canada.

Courses in Canada

What is a Bachelor's Degree?

A student, upon completing his/her 12th Grade moves on in search of a good university and opts for undergraduate Bachelor's studies for further education. Post the completion of one's undergraduate studies, one aims for higher studies, also known as postgraduate studies or Master's education. A stepping stone to one's career, a Bachelor's degree is generally of three years’ duration. Studying Bachelor's in Canada however, is of four years’ duration and enables one to choose from a vast array of options and is a doorway to a land of ever changing cultures, contemporary courses and modern infrastructure.

Bachelor's Degree in Canada: Co- Op Program

Majority of the Bachelor's degrees in Canada combine paid work experience as part of one's university degree. This is called a Co-Op. Students opting for Co- Op programs spend four months in school and the next four months as a full-time employee of the company they are working for. Co-Op students are given the opportunity to explore various careers, acquire pertinent work experience and earn money while also obtaining a Bachelor's degree. Students learn how to give promising job interviews, acquire hands-on experience and also learn how to apply the skills mastered on the job to real life problems. Co-Op students can thereby graduate with up to two years of beneficial experience. Selecting the types of Co-Op jobs one applies to enables one to be well-prepared for one's future with pertinent work experience or connections to the industry at an initial stage itself.

Scholarships offered to students opting for Bachelor's degrees in Canada:

There are a number of scholarships put in place for students applying for a Bachelor's degree in Canada. These are offered by the universities in Canada. These scholarships allow students to take care of their study expenditure. Undergraduates applying for Bachelor degree programs can earn a scholarship amounting to up to CAD 60,000. These scholarships can be grouped into the following:

  • Provincial Government scholarships
  • Tuition fee waivers
  • Scholarships based on Merit
  • Commonwealth Scholarships
  • Private or Organizational Scholarships and
  • Grants and bursaries offered by the college based on need

There are several universities in Canada that offer scholarships to students viz. Ryerson University- $5,000, University of Alberta- over $29,000, University of Windsor- $1,000 to $16,000, Lakehead University- $4,000 to $30,000, University of Waterloo- $10,000, among others.

Students can apply for a Bachelor's degree without IELTS or Class 12th Results

The IELTS test score and academic percentage obtained are necessary to make an application. This however differs between universities in Canada. However, when applying for a Bachelor's degree in the country, students can apply for the same without the IELTS and Grade 12 results. Majority of the universities in Canada are willing to accept students based on their Grade 11 marks or anticipated school results to begin the application process on a conditional basis. Nevertheless, upon receiving the offer letter from the college/university, one has to provide his/her Grade 12 results.

Bachelor's Degree: Tuition Fee

The annual tuition fee for a Bachelor's degree in the country, on an average will range approximately between 18,000 CAD- 40,000 CAD. The tuition fee however, depends upon the course and university opted for by the student. In comparison to several other countries, Canada is affordable as the tuition fee in the country is way more economical.

Applying for a Bachelor's degree program: Academic and IELTS requirement

Academic Requirement: The student must have passed the 12th Grade with an aggregate of 65% marks.

IELTS Requirement: The student must score a band of 6.5 with no individual band score less than 6.

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Colleges in Canada for International Students

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