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Psychology: A Course to be Studied in Australia

November 2023

Psychology is a fascinating field that studies, understands and comprehends the human mind. Apart from being an interesting field, the scope of the field is not restricted to one sphere of education, it has many spheres after graduation in the field. Graduates of Psychology have many opportunities in clinical psychology, marketing and other relevant fields of psychology. With this, Psychology remains an evergrowing field in today’s time.

Psychology degree in Australia

Reasons to Pursue Psychology in Australia

Pyschology is a very rewarding career when pursued in a renowned Australian university. Psychology, being a subject that studies the human mind and behaviour, opens many opportunities for its students. The reasons to pursue a Psychology course in Australia is listed below.

Diverse learning opportunities for international students

While studying in Australia, there are students who will get the opportunity to learn from expert faculty members. Studying Psychology in Australia has diverse learning opportunities that focuses on practical learning. The students will have access to hands-on clinical experience and participating in various activities related to the curriculum. Also, the students will get mentorship and guidance from the expert faculty members.

Quality of Education

Good quality education is one of the most important benefits of studying psychology in Australia. A psychology degree provides good standards of education that is globally recognised. The Australian universities use latest technology and resources to ensure that the students benefit from the education in the best way possible. There are universities that promote experimenting, neuroscience experimenting for the betterment of students.

Scholarships for Deserving Students

Australian universities offer diverse range of scholarship options to its students. The scholarships are offered by the unversities, government, private and individual institutions. The scholarships cover living expenses, tuition fees that helps the students pursue their degree without any financial burden. Examples of scholarships include  Endeavour Leadership Program and the Australia Awards Scholarship for international students.

Career Options

Career options can be considered as one of the most important aspects of studying in Australia. Australia offers a number of job opportunities in clinical psychology, counselling psychology, educational psychology and organisational psychology. A psychology degree from an Australian university will help in gaining job opportunities in the relevant field.

Global Recognition

Studying a Psychology degree in Australia provides global recognition to its students. This opens a lot of job opportunities for its students from around the world. Australian universities have been consistently ranking well. The courses offered are highly recognised by employers around the world. Some of the universities in Australia are members of the world-renowned prestigious group of eight, an association of Australia’s leading research intensive institutions. Graduates from psychology can apply for jobs n countries like USA and UK as well. Australian universities promote development, representation, and advancement of psychology for its students. With a high standard of education, the Australian universities offers a wide range of courses that focus on comprehensive and practical training.


The cost of education in Australia is affordable. There are various loan programmes available for students in order to differ the university fees. Students can take advantage of this. The Australian government pays a partial amount of tuition fees. The students can repay their loans once they have started earning. Also, there are various scholarships offered by the government, universities, private and public organisations. Compared to USA and UK, Australia has a lower cost of living.

Good Lifestyle

Apart from academics in Australia, it has got to offer unique cultural experience. Students get the opportunity to explore diverse cultures with a blend of ethnicities and traditions. The country has a welcoming environment for its international students that makes it easier to adapt to its surroundings. With a vibrant student life, there are a lot of activities that are there for Australian students. They get an opportunity to explore vast beaches and monuments that will broaden the experience of the students.

Types of Psychology Programmes Offered

Universtites have a wide variety of Psychology courses to offer. The courses fulfill the interests, career goals, opportunities of many students. The main psychology programmes offered by the univesities include Bachelor's of Psychological Science, Bachelor's of Arts or Bachelor's of Science in Psychology, Master's or Postgraduate in Psychology, Doctorate in Psychology, Graduate Diploma or Certificate and online Psychology programmes.

Best Universities for Psychology in Australia

Following are the top universities for pursuing Psychology in Australia.

Do Australian Universities Offer Online Psychology Degrees?

Yes, one can choose to pursue an online degree in Psychology from an Australian university. The online degree will be equivalent to gaining a 3-year bachelor’s programme or equivalent in Australia. The online courses can be pursued by an individual from any background. The classes are virtual, interactive and flexible. Universities like James Cook University, UTS online, University of Adelaide, Charles Stuart University offer online psychology programmes.

Job Prospects

Australia, also known as the 'Land Down Under' has a lot of job opportunities for Psychology degree holders. Here are the job opportunities:

Scope of Pursuing Psychology

Professionals from Psychology background is at a higher end of gaining better opportunities in future. As per a survey by Job Outlook, the amount of individuals practising Psychology has increased in the past 5 years. There are chances that the number will increase in the next five years. With time, the salary prospects of a Psychologist might increase as well.

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Psychology course in Australia

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