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Post Study Work Visa in Australia (Part 2)

January 2023

Australia, which is third on the list of the most popular foreign study destinations for international students, greets them with unimaginable options. Top institutions, amazing culture, energetic cities, and a wealth of career prospects are just a few of the factors that make Australia a popular choice for overseas students seeking higher education. International students have a wide range of alternatives for where to study in Australia. There are 43 universities in Australia, including two foreign, two domestic, and one private institution. The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, The University of Queensland, The University of New South Wales, Australian National University, and Monash University are among the six Australian institutions that are included in the list of the top 100 universities in the world.

Post Study Work Visa in Australia

Aspirants who have moved to Australia for school may be persuaded to remain longer because of the abundance of career prospects available there. After completing their courses, students can readily find employment here. Doctors and engineers are welcomed in Australia with open arms. Aeronautics, Architecture, Civil Design, Customer Interaction, Cyber Security, Data Analysis, Education, Human Resources, Social Work, Software Development are industries in Australia that are experiencing growth. The post-study work visa in Australia encourages overseas students to work after they have finished their studies by allowing them to stay in the country for up to 4 years.

Application process for an Australian PSW visa:

International students may submit an online application using their ImmiAccount or submit a paper application if they wish to apply for any sort of post-study work visa in Australia. If "No further stay" condition 8503 or 8534 is indicated in the student's current visa application form, the paper form application will be allowed. An applicant can submit an online application by going to the Department of Home Affairs' official website. The procedures for obtaining a visa and the specifications for an Australia work visa are summarised here.

They should be in Australia at the time of application for either the graduate workstream or the post-study workstream of the Temporary Graduate Visa, but not in immigration clearance. Their visa application will be decided by the Department of Home Affairs of the Australian Government. They should submit an application for these two visas as soon as their studies are finished, but they must do so before the six-month window opens.

They may be within or outside of Australia at the time they apply for a Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (subclass 476). But when the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs makes a decision about their visa application, they should be outside of Australia. They must submit an application for this visa within two years of finishing their study. Students can glance through this list to help them understand and apply for an Australian work visa.

  1. Step 1: Gather all necessary paperwork before starting the application process.
  2. Step 2: Next, visit ImmiAccount's official website.
  3. Step 3: If you're a new user, click "create ImmiAccount"; otherwise, if you already have an account, log in.
  4. Step 4: Review and complete the visa application form at this point. Include all required paperwork.
  5. Step 5: List your family members' information if they will be traveling with you.
  6. Step 6: Finally, use a credit card, BPay, or PayPal to complete the online application fee payment.

Documents required for an Australian PSW visa:

The list of supporting papers you'll need is provided below for your post-study work visa application. Identification cards

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Your Health Insurance Documents
  • Character Records
  • The documentation of your companion, if you are traveling with them
  • Documentation for any dependents younger than 18
  • Documentation for any dependents older than 18

How much does it cost for an Australian PSW visa?

  1. Temporary graduate visa for graduate work stream: Visas cost AUD 1650 and takes a processing time of 90 to 4 months to complete.
  2. Temporary graduate visa for post-study work stream: Visas cost AUD 1650 and takes a processing time of 70 to 90 days to complete.
  3. Skilled recognized graduate visa: Visas cost AUD 405 and take a processing time of 8 to 11 months to complete.

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Post Study Work Permit in Australia

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