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Post COVID-19 study abroad dreams

July 2020

How will the study abroad scenario look like post the pandemic, is a number one question on many minds.

While the pandemic has altered the medium of education, it is important for students to remember that the learning outcomes remain the same. Irrespective of whether they consider online or offline classes, at the end of the day the knowledge gained remains intact.


Online Classes

It is important to consider that even before the pandemic struck a significant number of universities at a range of study destinations such as the USA and the UK to name a few, conducted a certain proportion of their classes online.


Universities at a range of study destinations have invested in technologies to ensure that the best experience can be provided to the students. In the near future, what a significant number of experts are expecting is a shift in the focus of learning. More importance is likely to be given to project works and assignments and the student's graph will be monitored through the year. Therefore, it would be extremely important that students perform to the best of their abilities all year round. .

Hybrid Classes

A largely held opinion states that hybrid classes are going to be the future. Students even when travelling to their study destinations will be met with an amalgamation of online as well as offline classes. Moreover, students can also expect classes to function in limited capacities. Meaning only a limited number of students will be permitted to attend classes on a rotational base. Another prominent aspect for students to consider is the role the respective government will play in the scenario. The policies determined by these governments will play an important role in how the future for international students will be.

Job Opportunities

A major reason why a significant number of students decide to pursue higher study abroad is the job opportunities they receive. Not everyone who decides to study abroad makes the decision to stay back, however, working during the course is a major pull factor. With the market looking dim due to the pandemic, students are worried about what their job prospects will look like. The answer to this question is time. Things are expected to fall in place in the near future and students will have access to jobs. Even during the current scenario, universities in Canada has reassured its students that even though students are required to commence a certain proportion of their classes online, their post-study work rights will continue to remain intact.

Plan for the future

Taking into consideration the current scenario, students are reluctant to plan their education abroad. We highly recommend our students to weigh the pros and cons while making this decision. This is the best time to plan for your higher education by getting all your application documents in order and preparing for the required admission tests. This ensures, that when the time is right you have everything in place and are ready to kickstart your journey.

Quality Education

Through the years a number of crisis have struck humanity, but education has stood the test of time. If you take the 2008 financial crisis for instance, when nothing seemed to be going people's way, they all turned towards education. Thus, it is very important for students to remember that irrespective of what calamity may strike, education remains the strongest tool they can possess.

Global Campus

Universities are expected to up their technological facilities to ensure that students continue to have access to quality education. Not just this, but a significant number of universities also have campuses across the globe. What students can also expect is attending classes at various campuses of the universities which best suit their interests.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is going to be the answer in the near future. Thus, students can expect that even when they are able to attend classes on campus, they will be required to adhere to the social distancing norms to ensure a safe experience.

Every crisis brings in itself opportunities, it is important to not lose heart and remain determined towards your approach. The international exposure, quality education, personality enhancements are all traits that continue to hold significance. Therefore, students should expect a shift in the way they perceived classes abroad earlier but remember that the benefits it holds continue to remain intact.


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