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Study Abroad Guide

Popular Study Abroad Destinations for UG and PG Courses

August 2020

If you are looking to harness your academic, social and professional skills, education abroad is the perfect way to facilitate this thought.

Students are met with a range of options that allow them to study overseas at the undergraduate as well as postgraduate level. Considering the number of options that a student has at their disposal it is natural to feel lost. As India’s leading overseas education consultants, Edwise has brought together a list of a few of the most popular study abroad destinations.


Home to the highest number of higher education institutions, the USA offers an extensive range of fields a student can choose from. The education imparted at these institutions enables you to have an experience of a lifetime. Few of the world's highest-ranked institutions are found in the USA, which means that students can be rest assured that they will be met with career-enhancing opportunities. Every year an increasing number of students decide to make the USA their study home. Not only are these students attracted due to the comprehensive list of subjects but they are also met with an economical education experience along with immense scope for financial aid. Universities in the USA are quick to incorporate the latest occurrences in their curriculum and ensure that students are taught with state-of-the-art facilities. Moreover, students are also given the opportunity to practically imply the learnings with the work during course opportunity. Another prominent feature of the education system in the USA is flexibility. Students are at the liberty to change their course or university during the duration of their study. Popular courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels to study in USA include Business, Economics, Engineering, Life Sciences, Humanities, Law, Management, Tourism and Hospitality to name a few.


Apart from hosting several internationally ranked universities, Canada has been ranked as one of the friendliest countries in the world which offers impeccable standards of living. One of the safest countries in the world, international students feel welcomed in the affable environment. The environment in Canada is cosmopolitan in nature and thus, students are given the liberty to enjoy their overseas education experience to the fullest. A noteworthy feature of the education system in Canada is the co-op program offered. At the undergraduate as well as postgraduate level, universities in Canada enable students to attain practical exposure to their area of specialization. These co-op terms tend to last for 12-17 weeks, which gives students a head-start to their careers and an invaluable push to their profile. Popular courses to study in Canada at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels include Humanities, Engineering, Life Sciences, Business, Aviation, Sports, Tourism and Hospitality to name a few.


Universities in the UK are renowned internationally for the quality of their programs. Apart from the economical course structure due to the shorter course duration, students are also met scholarship avenues by the respective associations. A multi-cultural society, the UK becomes a melting pot for cultures. A significant number of students are drawn to study in UK since undergraduate courses are offered for a duration of three years and postgraduate programs for a duration of one year. This not only helps curb the cost component but also allows students to become independent. Universities in UK develop various skillsets of the students since pupils are expected to undertake self-learning. This makes the students more responsible and makes them highly sought after in the market. Another alluring factor education in UK is the newly brought in post-study work rights. With the newly brought in schemes students now receive a stay-back of 2 years post the completion of the program. Popular courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level include Architecture, Business, Arts, Computer Science, Engineering and Law.


One of the most popular study abroad destinations, Australia not only offers an acknowledged education but also a vibrant natural and social environment that leads to the overall development of the student's potential. If students are looking for academic success, Australian universities are the perfect medium to achieve the same. These institutions give great importance to research opportunities which help develop these skills of the students. Since Indian qualifications are accepted in Australia, a significant number of Indian students are drawn to study in Australia. Moreover, the country also offers alluring stay-back opportunities that enable students to develop their career. Popular courses to study in Australia at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels include Law, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism, Humanities, Arts, Communications and IT to name a few.

When it comes to the job market, employers are actively seeking employees who have an international exposure. Thus, attaining international education will put you on a pedestal when compared to your competition and give you a competitive advantage.


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