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Latest USA Student Visa Updates for Indian Students

June 2021

The US Embassy in a recent announcement declared that the needs of students remain its foremost priority. Keeping the same nuance in mind, they are looking to ease student travel for the upcoming Fall 2021 intake.

USA Student Visa

Since the onset of the pandemic, students have faced an arduous time in regards to the study in USA dreams. Having to keep up with the latest updates with student visas has been one of the many challenges they faced. But with Edwise, the process has been simple owing to our constant support throughout the process.

We bring to our student's attention that the US Embassy aims to commence interviews on June 14th, which is expected to intensify around July 1st. Students who are set to commence their courses in USA this Fall can travel 30 days before the program commences as long as their academic programmes resume on or after August 1. They are exempted from having to submit a request for the national interest exception. Students looking to secure their USA student visas and seek F-1, J-1, M-1 visas can make an online booking for the same. They also have the liberty to make bookings for their dependents. Another sigh of relief that students can breathe is that they will not be required to furnish any documentation stating evidence of in-person classes.

Since the embassy is unable to expedite the process, fall 2021 students who believe that their appointment date is affecting their start date can reach out to their said schools for further assistance. Students must, however, note that their parents will not be permitted to travel with them on a visitor visa. The parents could, however, make an application for a National Interest Exception, which the embassy won't be issuing at the present moment.

Moreover, electronic I-20s issued by universities in USA will be taken into consideration by the embassy. However, students will have to carry a hard copy of the same.

On the other hand, students who have booked appointments that were then cancelled will have to book appointments again. Students must know that the embassy will not get in touch with them regarding the same. Pupils who have made their visa processing fee and are still awaiting their appointments are receiving an extension of validity till 30th September 2022. This comes of great help to those who were unable to secure appointments owing to the curtailment of regular consulate operations.

Students set to travel to study in USA will also be required to furnish a negative COVID test 72 hours before their departure. This will also be cross-checked by the respective airlines.

Dependents of F-1 Visa holders will not be required to make an application for a National Interest Exemption. Don Heflin, the Minister Counsellor for Consular Affairs at the US embassy, assured students set to travel to study in USA that they will not be required to furnish COVID vaccination proof.

Students must embrace the provisions made for them by the respective parties and take the necessary steps towards their study in USA dream. For further details, get in touch with Edwise.

Study in USA - USA Student Visa

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