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Know All About USA & Canada Universities at the In-house fair:2024

March 2024

Hello everybody! Edwise, India’s leading overseas education consultants with 32 years of unparallel experience, brings back to you the in-house fair 2024, which will commence on Thursday, April 4, 2024, and conclude on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. Don’t forget to miss the opportunities to witness prestigious American and Canadian universities under one roof at the event. In addition to this, make the most of the opportunity and engage with delegates from well-known universities physically in 8 cities and virtually in 9 cities. Read further to discover the various aspects that make Edwise’s World Education Fair stand out from other educational fairs.

USA & Canada Universities at the In-house Education fair: 2024

Why attend the in-house fair?

  • A chance to meet university delegates personally as well as virtually.
  • No registration fees will be charged.
  • All queries related to admission, programme, university, scholarships, and the availability of a specific course will be solved right here.
  • A chance to meet university delegates personally as well as virtually.
  • A chance to avail other services like academic pathway planning, coaching, and visa services will be there.

Participating American and Canadian universities at the in-house fair in 2024

At the in-house fair in 2024, there will be notable universities in the USA and Canada that will be represented. Listed below will be representatives from the USA: University of New Haven, Foothill + De Anza, Concordia University Chicago, Kent State University, Educo Global, Lawrence Technological University, INTO Global, Canada: LCI Education, Vancouver Film School, Fleming College, University of Niagara Falls, Pacific Link College, Memorial University of Newfoundland, University Canada West


 Day  Date  Time  City  Venue
 Thursday  4th April  12 to 4 p.m  Hyderabad  Hyderabad office
 Friday  5th  April  12 to 4 p.m  Delhi  Delhi office
 Saturday  6th  April  12 to 4 p.m  Chennai  Chennai office
 Tuesday  9th  April  12 to 4 p.m  Pune FC  Pune FC office
 Wednesday  10th  April  12 to 4 p.m  Bangalore  Bangalore office
 Thursday  11th  April  12 to 4 p.m  Coimbatore  Coimbatore office
 Saturday  13th  April  12 to 4 p.m  Mumbai  Santacruz branch office
 Tuesday  16th  April  12 to 4 p.m  Kolkata  Kolkata office

Why study in the USA?

  • American universities have been offering a wide variety of academic programmes and majors that allow students to specialise in their choice of field. This allows the students to explore various career paths and academic pursuits.
  • The USA offers a high quality of life with many cultural and recreational activities. American universities have been providing extensive support services for international students that help them adapt to a new culture and academic environment.
  • American universities have excellent state-of-the-art facilities that include libraries, sports complexes, student centres, and sprawling campuses. Campus life is rich in terms of interests that allow students to engage in various social and academic pursuits.
  • Universities in the USA are great places to witness the cultural diversity for which the country is renowned. Diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds among the students contribute to a vibrant and welcoming environment. Support for international students is frequently provided by cultural institutions and activities that honour variety.
  • Today's student lives are significantly impacted by technology. Universities provide access to cutting-edge online resources and technologies. For students, technology is a way of life. Advanced technology is made available to students by universities, and online forums let students communicate and work together.

Why study in Canada?

  • Canada has constantly been ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. As an international student, one will have access to good education, healthcare, infrastructure, and a lot more.
  • Comparing Canadian colleges to those in other well-liked study destinations, tuition is comparatively less expensive.
  • Canada has a very warm and welcoming environment. There are people from different parts of the world who have been staying in Canada for a very long period of time. Throughout the year, the students will get a chance to experience diverse festivals from all the ethnic groups. This will give the students a chance to immerse themselves in a global culture and develop a global perspective.
  • Co-ops are an essential component of many programmes at the majority of colleges and universities. Students are permitted to work part-time, on-campus or off-campus, for up to 20 hours per week in addition to co-ops.

For further assistance or queries students can contact us, Edwise International and avail our wide range of services for students on destinations like Study in UK, Study in USA, Study in Canada, Study in Australia, Study in New-Zealand, Study in Singapore, Study in Ireland and many other countries.

USA & Canada Education Fair 2024

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