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International Student Accommodation in the UK

December 2022

Among the popular places to study abroad is the United Kingdom (UK). It is a source of pride to be a graduate of institutions that date all the way back to the 12th or 13th century. It is a requirement for students to live in the location where their higher education will take place, thus finding housing is very crucial. Are you seeking for inexpensive yet high-quality student housing in the UK? International students can choose from a variety of alternatives when it comes to housing in the UK. Your decision must take into account factors like your budget, the possibilities available, the location, etc. This blogs guide you through the pricing and other pertinent details.

International Student Accommodation in the UK

Categories of student accommodation in the UK:

International students may find plenty of private (non-sharing) and shared housing in the UK. Among the popular choices are the following:

University Halls

Most institutions assign first-year students to university halls. These are residence halls that are run by academic institutions. You may make new friends, live with other students, and have quick access to your classes, the library, clubs, events, and more. Not all university residence halls are usually on campus. Halls are an excellent method to get used to living alone; they help you get ready to live in private housing in the future.

Private Halls

In the UK, there are several possibilities for specially constructed student housing. These complexes provide rooms, which is a choice that is becoming more and more popular. The communal rooms and facilities, such include televisions, kitchens, etc., are controlled by the suppliers. For students, there are also studio apartment units available. London and Manchester are two of the top UK cities with private hall suppliers. The majority of institutions maintain lists of authorised private housing providers. They might also collaborate with a handful of them. Verify the cost of lodging in this situation.

Alternatives for private accommodation

Those who don't prefer living in dorms or communal areas might move into rental homes, flats, and other accommodations with their friends or in groups. The folks you'll be living with are more in your control. Additionally, you have a wide range of hotel alternatives to pick from. However, the search procedure is a little time-consuming and difficult.

What does student accommodation cost across different cities in the UK?

In particular for first-year candidates, most colleges provide residential halls. But later, a lot of pupils leave for off-campus and private residences. The typical monthly cost of a one-bedroom apartment is between 722 and 876 USD, while the monthly cost of a three-bedroom apartment is between 1154 and 1486 USD. Here's a closer look at typical rents in the best UK cities.

  • Manchester: 1018 - 1302 USD
  • London: 1302 - 1539 USD
  • Oxford: 1302 - 2013 USD
  • Portsmouth: 500 USD
  • Edinburgh: 828 - 1184 USD
  • Birmingham: 828 - 1420 USD
  • Glasgow: 947 - 1184 USD
  • Brighton: 992 - 1539 USD

Cities like Brighton, Exeter, and Portsmouth are among the more affordable ones. In the UK, en-suite rooms cost about 7930 USD annually. For London, this increases to 11694 USD, while for the rest of the UK, it rises to 7637 USD.

How can I make reservations for student housing both on and off campus?

In the UK, it's simple to locate off-campus housing for students. In particular, if they don't have enough housing to meet students' demands, this is achievable if your university has a list of authorised private housing providers and partners. In your preferred area, you can also discover postings for both private homes and dorms for students.

How can I reserve on-campus housing or even student housing off-campus? Once you accept the university's offer, you must apply for housing on campus. While awaiting your offer, continue looking at lodging possibilities. In order to apply to a university, you often fill out an online application where you must choose your preferred housing, room type, etc. It's possible that you won't always receive your first choice. After speaking with the supplier directly or applying online, private accommodations can be reserved. Both university and private halls require deposits, so you will be responsible for both. Depending on a number of variables, this might be between 178 and 592 USD. Make sure that details like the UK guarantor are handled in a suitable manner (the guarantor takes responsibility for rental payments in case of any default by the tenant).


What is the cost of student housing in the UK?

The cost of living for students who study in UK: The cost of living might easily exceed EUR 1,500 per month in well-known locations like London (1,360 GBP). In smaller places, a monthly budget of 700-1200 EUR (635-1,040 GBP) will suffice.

What kinds of student housing are offered to international students who study in UK?

The various forms of student housing that are available to students who study at universities in UK can be chosen in accordance with preferences and financial constraints. Additionally, when it comes to university housing like "Institution Hall of Residence" or "University Managed Houses and Rooms," overseas students must make housing arrangements during the admissions process so they won't have to scramble after arriving at the university. Homestays, private halls, university residence halls, university homes and rooms, and privately rented apartments and houses are among the available accommodations offered to students who study abroad at UK universities.

What types of fundamental amenities are offered in the student housing?

Adjusting to a new location can be difficult, so it's important for students to have access to all the amenities in their immediate area. When it comes to student housing, this is the second most frequent query from international students who study in UK because in addition to renting a space, one also requires certain essential utilities. The fundamental amenities that are accessible to students who in the housing area are: A study room, constant transportation, a library, computer labs, utilities (electricity, water, and gas), and lodging insurance are among the other amenities. International students who study at UK universities also have access to other amenities.

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Student Accommodation and Housing in the UK

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