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Impact of COVID-19 on studying abroad in 2021

February 2021

The COVID-19 has caused deep seeding disruptions. Universities abroad had to alter their way of functioning to adjust to the new normal. If you are looking to study abroad, it is indeed an uncertain time.

Through this article we look to address the many questions you may have currently.

Can I still study abroad?

  • Universities abroad are continuing to accept international applications as normal, however, owing to the current travel restriction, when the student will be allowed to travel to their destination is under speculation.
  • If you cannot physically attend the university, online classes are being offered which are a great alternative medium. For now, hybrid learning will be the future.

Will my application be impacted?

  • Since education institutions across the world witnessed a shut down, exams were postponed. This caused an invariable delay in students receiving their results. However, students are offered alternative avenues by international universities.
  • Entry requirements as well as deadlines have been changed.

What if I have already accepted my offer?

  • It is best to be in constant touch with the university to understand the latest updates. Universities are offering a range of options to students, these include online learning, university sponsored travel, limited attendance to in-person classes, altered start-term date, curtailment of in-person social activities.

Can I defer my application?

  • It is at the discretion of the university to ensure whether or not you will be permitted to defer your application.
  • However, one must bear in mind the costs associated with deferring an application. Only do so if you have conducive activities lined up. It is not advisable to have a gap on your CV, since this is the perfect time to ameliorate your skills.

Will I be able to get a student visa?

  • To be able to travel to the study destination, one needs to have a valid student visa. With the current situation in hand, visa interview dates are restricted and thus, students must make an application for the same promptly after they receive their acceptance letter.
  • Furthermore, entry requirement laxation as well deadline extensions have been offered.

Will my scholarships be affected?

  • Many universities although offering online education are continuing to offer their students scholarships. However, it is best to get in touch with the university.
  • But if you are looking to defer your application you may have to reapply for financial aid.
  • Universities abroad are aware of the current financial woe’s students are facing due to the COVID-19 and are very sympathetic in their approach.

Are universities still offering accommodation?

  • Apart from the study abroad destination, this also depends on the university at hand.
  • Make sure that your accommodation is available when you plan on flying since it is an important factor when receiving your visa. Students now are required to possess the ability to quarantine themselves.

Should I still study abroad?

  • It is never a good idea to put your education on hold. Not unless you have conducive activities lined up. Moreover, this is the perfect time to enhance your skillsets, since education is an investment that offers lifelong investments.

While you have answers to some of your questions, you likely have more doubts. To receive the answers for the same, get in touch with India's Leading Overseas Education Consultants, Edwise.

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