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Study Abroad Guide

How to Write the Perfect SOP

August 2020

Universities abroad require a comprehensive list of documents when students make an application. One of the most critical elements of these documents is the SOP. The university uses the SOP to understand the profile of the student, enabling them to judge whether the student will be a perfect fit.

Thus, it is crucial that as prospective international students, you put in special efforts in meliorating your SOP.


The most integral part of the application, it becomes a determining factor whether a student will gain admission in their university or not. A written document, an SOP explains the overall profile. It is a medium through which you can talk about your qualifications, experience, ambitions, career goals as well as expectations. Usually, in the form of an essay, different universities may have different criteria on how and what needs to be included in the SOP.


The main objective of an SOP is to bring to light your academic profile which enables the university to understand the very details of your personality. Your main objective when writing an SOP should be to pitch yourself to the application committee. Your writing skills come in handy when working on this aspect of your application. While you are making an application to study abroad, it is important to remember that your focus should not just be on the academic aspects of your application but to also give importance to your ambitions in life and how you eventually look to work towards them. Make sure to give them a fantastic SOP, motivating them to pick you over the other pool of applicants.


There are certain key elements that you must mention in your SOP:

Personal Background: Talk a little about yourself, let the university get to know your family background and explain to them what your values are. This enables you to add a personal touch to your SOP and helps you up your game.

Academic Credentials: The next critical element of your SOP are your academic credentials. Highlight all your relevant academic qualifications that are in tandem with the course of application. Show to them that you possess all the relevant qualifications.

Work Experience: It is imperative that you highlight your work experience. This aspect of the SOP has gained significance and holds prominence. It shows to the committee that you have the requisite professional skills and are ready to go the extra mile to achieve your targets.

Extra-Curricular Activities: You will also be at an advantage if you describe your hobbies, interests, published or submitted work.

Financial Background: Certain study abroad destinations expect their candidates to highlight their academic qualifications which help them understand whether the student has the financial capacity to attain an education abroad.

Country of Interest: The next important aspect to highlight is the country of application. You need to explain to them why you wish to study at the concerned destination and not in your home country.

University of Interest: Another important aspect to highlight is the university of application. Talk about why you wish to study at the said university and elaborate on its features that have appealed to you.

Course of Interest: The next critical aspect to explain is why you wish to study the said course. Talk about why you are interested in the said course and why you want to study that course from the university.

Aspirations: Universities are often seeking insight thus; it is important to show to them that you are far-sighted. To the same effect students are required to explain their goals for the future and how studying the concerned course will help them achieve these goals.


  • Make a rough draft and lay out all the components you wish to include.
  • Review your SOP multiple times before having sent it across.
  • Refrain from including unnecessary information and mention precise points.
  • Always sound positive and hopeful.
  • Always validate a point with a suitable example.
  • Highlight your unique qualities that will help you have an upper hand.
  • Make sure there are no errors and have someone read it for you before sending it across.

Edwise, as India's leading overseas education consultants, offers SOP editing services where we give special attention, highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented, error-free SOP.


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