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Study Abroad Guide

How to Get into Top Universities

July 2021

Do you often dream about studying at top universities across the globe? Edwise, as leading study overseas education consultants, can help you. Here are some steps that you can undertake to start the process.

Top Universities in Abroad

Understand Your Requirements

Before understanding, if you are a fit for the university, understand if the university is a fit for you. Understand what your aims and aspirations are which will enable you to select the apt university. Answer questions like why you wish to study abroad? Why do you wish to study at this school? Do you the credentials to get into this school? Do you have the financial means to study overseas? Once you secure the answers to these questions, you are well on your way to study abroad.

Making Applications

Application deadlines are something every student needs to be wary of. Thus, ensure you have your process well underway to meet these deadlines. Apply to several schools. When you do this, you ensure that your chances of getting selected in at least one of them increase. When deciding between multiple schools, check the course content to comprehend whether it is the best fit for you. Getting all your application documents in order beforehand is also a concept that you need to bear in mind. Making applications can be tedious, but with Edwise it is a seamless process. Our counsellors handle it all for you.

Academic Scores

The foremost step in ensuring you secure an admit into top universities is your grades. Thus academically, ensure that you put your best foot forward. Apart from your course application, having a holistic academic graph throughout your academic tenure will enable you to get your foot into the door.

Scores in University Admission Tests

There is a range of standardized admission tests that students are required to appear for depending on the course and university of application. These include the likes of IELTS/TOEFL/PTE and GRE/GMAT/SAT/ACT. The best way to ensure that you are prepared for it is by enrolling on the Edwise coaching class. We now offer our services online, so you can study for these examinations from the comfort of your homes.

Statement of Purpose

Another critical element in your application process is the essay. This is your chance to outshine the others and show the admission committee what you have to offer apart from what is mentioned in your resume. Let your interests, goals, aspirations need to ameliorate your SOP to study abroad. You must tailor-make each essay to the university and course of application. Writing statements of purpose often scares many aspirants, this is where Edwise can come to your aid. Our counsellors assist with important aspects of the application such as essays, statement of purpose, grammar, tone, structure content, recommendation letters and best efforts are put into ensuring that students are admitted into the desired university.

Recommendation Letters

Universities often ask for 2-3 recommendation letters. These are either to be written by teachers or managers, who know you well and can speak about your qualities. It must include examples of what you have accomplished so that you can be assessed accordingly.

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Getting into top universities includes hard work, Edwise the burden is off your shoulders and you can rest assured you are one step closer to your study abroad dream. We represent over 725 universities across 16 countries and can make you achieve your goals.
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