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How To Apply For A France Student Visa?

October 2022

A fantastic education may be readily obtained in France, whether you're looking for undergraduate study, postgraduate learning, or something else. There are several colleges and educational facilities giving top-notch education to individuals worldwide in every location. There is a reason why so many people opt to study in France, so if you want the greatest education possible, it is well worth your time to check out the institutions that are located all around the nation.

How To Apply For A France Student Visa

The French higher education system is often regarded as one of the greatest in the world. It is also one of the most easily accessible. Because of the cheap tuition prices, studying in France is more affordable for overseas students. Every year, French institutions are towards the top of prestigious university rankings. Their educational institutions can readily compete with those of other countries.

France has 71 public institutions, all of which are financed by the national government and provide good education at a low cost to all students, local and foreign. Private universities (grandes ecoles) are also available.

A candidate from a non EU or non EEA country requires a student visa to study abroad in France. You must apply for an extended-stay student visa with a resident permit if you are enrolled full-time in a programme that lasts more than three months, such as a bachelor's or master's degree (VLS-TS).

Types of French student visas:

For studying in France, there are many student visa categories. According to how long you want to study in France, you'll require one of the following:

1. Short stay visa (visa de court séjour pour etudes): You are permitted to study in France for up to three months with this kind of visa. It is free and cannot be extended after it expires. Short language classes and summer school programmes are only a couple of uses for this visa.

2. Entrance exam visa (etudient concours): This kind of visa enables you to go to France to take a university admission exam. Then, if you succeed, you can apply for a long-stay visa.

3. Extended-stay visa with residence permit (visa de long séjour etudes VLS-TS): You are permitted to study in France for a period of four to twelve months with this kind of visa, which also serves as your residence permit. Two months before it expires, you can renew it through your institution.

What is the application process for a French student visa?

1. Accept your offer from university: You may begin the visa application process when you've received and accepted your offer from a French institution.

2. Application submission: Fill out and submit the necessary paperwork, including the visa application form.

3. Watch out for the response: The time it takes to complete a visa varies based on the embassy handling your application, but it might take three months to hear back.

4. Confirm your visa: You will have three months after arriving in France to validate your VLS-TS. You may now complete this online here; you'll need to provide your email address, details about your visa, your French address, and the date of your arrival. The €99 visa charge must also be paid using a bank card.

Visa requirements:

The following information is required when requesting a VLS-TS:

  1. A passport that was issued within the previous ten years and is still valid at least three months after the day you want to leave France
  2. Form for a long-term visa, fully filled out, signed, and date
  3. 2 passport photographs
  4. Evidence of accommodations
  5. Financial verification
  6. Evidence of insurance with coverage for at least €30,000 in medical and hospital costs

Processing time for student visas in France:

The time it takes to obtain your visa might vary, but generally speaking, it takes two to three weeks or longer.

No earlier than 90 days prior to your scheduled travel to France may you start the visa application process. Therefore, it's crucial that you get started as soon as feasible.

Working while on a student visa in France:

An extended-stay student visa permits you to work in France for up to 964 hours annually. This equates to 18.5 hours each week or around 60% of a full-time job over a year. Your earnings should serve as supplemental income, not as your exclusive source of support while you are a student in France.

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France Student Visa

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