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How About Pursuing Journalism in the USA?

February 2023

The USA like the UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany is one of the most sought after study abroad destination, with renowned colleges and universities. Colleges in USA offer a plethora of courses for students to choose from. Journalism is one among them. We now live in a world where journalism is a vital aspect. Journalism as a discipline includes a wide range of abilities, including reporting, anchoring, editing, producing, managing, etc. It serves as a conduit for global communication. Journalists elicit information from sources, reveal public-interest realities, and produce appealing narratives. Considering the development of journalism to this point, we see that it has undergone significant change and is no longer what it was fifty years or even ten years ago. The internet is one of the several causes that have sparked the transition. With the internet becoming more pervasive, journalism has undergone significant transformation. Online platforms give journalists a larger canvas on which to express their creativity in their job, in how they present the news, and in other ways. If you are committed to the truth and have a knack for writing, go ahead and get a degree in journalism.

Study Journalism in USA

In the US, media and journalism are two thriving industries that are jointly responsible for the dissemination of news. In the USA, a MS in Journalism is an interdisciplinary degree that is closely tied to social sciences, media studies, and communication studies. The degree places a lot of emphasis on accurately and ethically researching and reporting on national and international issues. Journalism schools in USA offer four-year undergraduate and two-year postgraduate programmes, and there are many career options available. Earning a journalism degree from one of the top universities in USA, provides one with a variety of skills, viz. editing, interviewing, and writing.

Many of the world's largest publishing houses, newspapers, and periodicals are located in the United States. Yes, publications like the Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and so on! The exposure you will receive while pursuing journalism there is simply amazing. Read through the blog to learn everything about American journalism, from courses to top universities offering the same.

Top Colleges in USA Offering Journalism:

Stanford University: Popular Courses: Masters in Journalism (MA Journalism and Mass Communication)

  • Stanford University: Popular Courses: Masters in Journalism (MA Journalism and Mass Communication)
  • Columbia University: Popular Courses: Bachelors in Journalism (BA Journalism and Mass Communication)
    Masters in Journalism (MA Journalism and Mass Communication)
  • University of California Berkeley Campus: Popular Courses: Bachelors in Journalism (BA Journalism and Mass Communication)
  • Masters in Journalism (MA Journalism and Mass Communication)
  • Northwestern University: Popular Courses: MS in Journalism
  • University of Wisconsin- Madison: Popular Courses: Bachelors in Journalism (BA Journalism and Mass Communication)
    Masters in Journalism (MA Journalism and Mass Communication)

Studying Journalism Courses in USA: Eligibility Requirements

To be admitted to the best journalism schools in USA, students must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Educational Background
  • Results of English language tests
  • Standardised test scores

Educational Background: To be admitted to journalism colleges in USA, an overseas student must have at least a 10+2 diploma with physics and mathematics as required subjects. A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with a minimum grade of B+ or 65-75% is necessary for admission to a master's degree or postgraduate diploma programme.

Results of English language tests: International students who are not native English speakers must submit their test results for the IELTS or TOEFL in order to be considered for admission.

The following prerequisites must be satisfied in order to take the IELTS exam:

  • For undergraduate and diploma programmes, an IELTS score of 6.5 is a mandate.
  • An IELTS score of 7.5 is required for graduate, postgraduate, and advanced diploma programmes

Standardised test scores: You may be asked to submit entrance exam results like the SAT/ACT and GRE for undergrad and grad degrees like the MS in Journalism in the USA.

  • For Bachelor's courses, a SAT score of 1560 or a PTE score of 70 is a must.
  • Master's courses on the other hand require a GRE score of 311 or a PTE score of 68.

What does it cost to study journalism in the USA?

The best journalism schools in USA and the programmes you've chosen determine the tuition costs. The average cost to pursue a Journalism degree in USA is as under:

 Program  Average Tuition Fees Per Year (in USD)
 Bachelors Programs  30,000 (INR 2,384,545)
 Masters Programs  40,000 (INR 3,180,202)

The type of student housing available in the US, the level of living, and most crucially, the city's location, all have an impact on how much it costs to live there. Tiny US cities may have a monthly cost of living of about 800 USD (INR 63,607). A large metropolis on the other hand may have a monthly cost of living of 1,300 USD (INR 103,366).

Documentation for Journalism Courses in USA:

To secure admission to leading journalism schools in USA, one needs to submit the following documents:

  • 10th and 12th grade academic marksheets from an accredited institution
  • IELTS and TOEFL exam certificates as evidence of English language proficiency
  • Application form
  • Student's passport copy
  • Statement of Purpose outlining the applicant's motivation for travelling to the USA
  • Recommendation Letter from the teachers at the prior college attended
  • Two essays detailing the applicant's academic and extracurricular achievements
  • Evidence of funds
  • Samples of journalism work (if required)
  • Health insurance

Future Career Prospects in Journalism in the USA

Since the advent of technology, journalism has grown significantly, and there are many job openings in the field for qualified candidates. A profession in journalism gives one a sense of fulfillment and purpose. International students pursuing a master's degree in public communication or journalism can have a great future in the United States. Students who have completed a master's degree in journalism or mass communication from leading universities in USA can obtain jobs as under:

 Job Profile  Average Yearly Salary (in USD)
 Journalist  50,000 (INR 3,974,775)
 News Anchor  72,000 (INR 5,723,676)
 Editor  63,000 (INR 5,008,216)
 Video Producer  60,000 (INR 4,769,730)
 News Reporter  43,000 (INR 3,418,306)
 Communications Manager  68,000 (INR 5,405,694)

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Journalism in the USA

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