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Getting a Job After Your Education Abroad Amid COVID-19

The year 2020, has brought upon student's certain negative repercussions. Nearly, every imaginable student has been affected by the adversary brought upon in the name of COVID-19. Students have been significantly affected by the said pandemic, especially those who are graduating in 2020. Although the future may seem bleak at this given time, it is imperative that students keep a positive mindset. Having a deterministic approach to the future, will enable students to emerge victorious in their battle against the COVID-19.

The number one worry on their mind right now, is how to get jobs after the completion of their study overseas in the midst of a pandemic.


Current Scenario

Unlike the crisis the world has faced earlier, this has taken a slightly different approach. What earlier used to be the case of companies not looking to hire, is not applicable in the current scenario. Companies are seeking to employ people, however certain industries such as hospitality and tourism have suffered. It is expected that once the situation normalizes, employment prospects in the said industry will grow. Apart from this, several industries such as pharmacy, healthcare and many more are growing considerably and are seeking employees. Students will have to go the extra mile to undertake research on companies having job openings.

Looking for Jobs

The next question that arises in the mind of international students is where to look for jobs after their education abroad. There are several sources you could do this from. Number one being, LinkedIn, employers actively post job updates on their profiles and students can get notifications, regarding the openings available. Moreover, there are several recruitment agencies, who render their services to job seekers. Another, popular medium through which students can make an application for their jobs include the company website. It may not always be the case that a company is posting updates about the openings available. It is highly advisable that students take a chance and throw in an email to their interested company and hope for a positive response. It is crucial that students keep an open eye on the company website. Not all companies use social media to post updates, and may just post one on their website. Therefore, it is important that you keep an eye open for the same.

Ideal Time to make an application

Whilst big firms have a rigid timetable that they follow in regards with job openings, smaller companies higher all year round. Therefore, it is never to soon, the earlier you make an application the higher chances you have of attaining a job. Although, to many students the current situation may seem bleak and don't expect to hear a positive reply, however, the case can be well opposite that. Many companies are actively seeking work from home employees. This helps the companies curb on a significant amount of cost, whilst at the same time ensure that the efficiency of work undertaken is not compromised.

Interview Sessions

Another big question bothering study abroad graduates is how the interview sessions will be conducted. Well, even before the onset of the pandemic, a significant number of companies switched their interview sessions online. Therefore, this trend is increasingly being followed by major companies. All the aspects of the interview process are conducted online, so students need not have any affirmations regarding the same. To keep up with the changing times, there are several facilities available online that help students with mock online interview sessions.

Enhancing Skillsets

This lockdown is an excellent opportunity for students to build their skillsets. There are a range of certificate courses available online that students can consider pursuing. Make sure to pursue such a course that is tandem with your line of study. Use this time to ensure that your application stands out from the pool of other applicants. This is a great trait to show the employers, because it will let them know that you are resourceful and have gone the extra mile to make your application stand out.

Updates from Study Destinations

Like most countries, the USA is actively seeking work from home student interns to drive their business activities. The 2 year stay back opportunity offered by Ireland continues to remain intact. The Canadian government has taken an exemplary step to incorporate flexibility in the post-graduation work permit rules for international students. Those students who are commencing their Fall 2020 courses online can complete 50% of their program offshore. This will have no detrimental effects on student's post-graduation permit.

While things seem uncertain, it is important that students keep a positive mindset. An education abroad holds magnanimous benefits for their future and things are expected to click soon.


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