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Germany Lifts Ban on Travelers from India, UK, Portugal

July 2021

Covid- 19, the disease caused by a new coronavirus viz. SARS- CoV-2 was first identified on December 31st, has created havoc on the world. The outbreak of this infectious disease spread rapidly worldwide affecting not only people, but also economies on the whole.

To curb the spread of the Coronavirus, restrictions on movement were imposed which in turn brought the economic activity to a standstill. Despite efforts from Governments to deal with this problem (fiscal and monetary policy support), there was a 5.2% contraction in global GDP in 2020- the deepest global recession in decades.

Germany, situated in Western and Central Europe and comprising of 16 states, is one of the most sophisticated industrial nations in the world with the third largest economy, after the United States of America and Japan. With a population of 82.3 million, Germany is home to the third largest number of international migrants worldwide.

Colleges & Universities in Germany

Germany, one of the most preferred study destinations in the world, Research, Science and Education play a vital role here. There are numerous reasons as to why students choose to study in Germany. These are:

High- quality education: Universities in Germany offer outstanding teaching and research. This enables one to excel in their career, apart from socializing with others and also learn a new language. German universities have free or generally low tuition fees as these universities are state-funded. Thus, students are required to pay only for their living expenses, which include transport, accommodation, food and health insurance. A degree earned from a German university is recognized worldwide.

Multiple courses: Germany offers a wide array of courses for international students to choose from. This gives one an opportunity to focus on his/her area of study. One can opt for Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Natural Science, Law, Medicine, Health Sciences and Economics courses in Germany among others.

Diverse Community: Germany, a welcoming country to travelers from diverse backgrounds, sees a huge influx of immigrants from across the globe. Germany is a tolerant and cosmopolitan country consisting of people from different religions, nations and cultures living together peacefully.

Germany Lifts Ban on travelers from Covid variant- hit UK, Portugal and India reports that people from India were restricted travel to Germany from April 26, 2021, which had been extended until July 28, 2021. Arrivals from other virus variant areas viz. Nepal, Brazil, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, The United Kingdom, South Africa, and Portugal etc. were also banned from travel to Germany.

Persons staying in India during the last ten days, including employment visas and student visa holders were not permitted entry to Germany. However, these Indian nationals requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to exempt them from this travel ban imposed by Germany.

A latest update, dated July 06, 2021 by the Hindustan Times, shows that the German government reclassified India, The United Kingdom, Russia, Portugal and Nepal as "high- incidence areas" and allowed travelers re-entry into the country after producing a negative test on arrival.

On Monday, 5th July, 2021, Germany lifted the ban and eased travel rules for travelers from five Covid- variant hit countries of India, Portugal, Nepal, The United Kingdom and Russia. These respective countries will be removed from the 'virus variant' list and downgraded to "high - incidence areas", the Robert Koch Institute, a German federal government agency announced on Monday, July 05, 2021.

People coming from 'high incidence' areas that are fully vaccinated or have recovered from Covid- 19 do not have to quarantine. Instead of a negative Covid test, these people can show their proof of vaccination/ recovery before boarding a flight to Germany. On the other hand, people coming from 'high incidence' areas who are not vaccinated have to provide a negative Covid test before they depart to Germany. They also have to quarantine for ten days once they arrive into the country. However, if they test negative for Covid- 19, the quarantine period can be shortened to five days.This is a great sigh of relief to international students who are enrolled to study in Germany. Students can reduce their study costs as they would not have to quarantine after their arrival in the country.

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