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From Books to Brits: Bhavanishanker Manoj Sharma's Experience as a Foreign Student in the UK

June 2023

The UK is popular among international students looking to study abroad owing to its longstanding history for offering top-notch education. Students studying here can benefit from an enriching and world-class educational experience. Universities in UK offer an array of academic courses, cutting-edge research possibilities, and internships and part-time employment chances.

Edwise, India's Leading Overseas Education Consultancy has maintained strong ties with universities in UK for 30+ years having played a key role in assisting students fulfill their study abroad aspirations. Among them is Bhavanishanker Manoj Sharma, an Edwise student, who pursued Master's in Science Environmental Management (Full-Time) at Glasgow Caledonian University in the UK.

Bhavanishanker Manoj Sharma's Experience as a Foreign Student in the UK

Interviewing our student to gather valuable insights

Questions Asked:

Why did you choose to study abroad?

Here's what Bhavani had to say.......
Ultimately, the decision to study abroad is a highly personal one and at a certain stage there were aspirations, interests, and circumstances. However, the only motivation was to explore me in myself. Based on current circumstances, I can report the very reasons why I choose to study abroad:

  • Personal growth and self-dependency
  • Expanding Network and global connections
  • Experiencing a different education system
  • Advancing in academics
  • Cultural immersion
  • Adventure while Traveling
  • Channelizing to mainstream players of my court

How did you get in touch with Edwise?

On being asked this question, the only reply our team got was: Certainly, I don’t have an answer to this question. All I can say is, I'm thankful for their guidance and support.

How is your experience at the abroad university?

Our student replied very spontaneously with the following answer: Studying in the UK can be an exciting and rewarding experience for international students. The UK is known for its prestigious universities, diverse culture, and high-quality education system. Here are some aspects that I have been experiencing and international students often undergo to find positive:

  • Advancement in Academic learning
  • Celebrating the cultural diversity on/off campus
  • Assistance for foreigners from public transport to local Asian community
  • Career opportunities with globally recognised institution and research facilities

However, it's important to note that everyone's experience may vary, and challenges can arise during the transition to a new country and academic system. Some common challenges faced by my fellow mates in the UK include:

  • Difference in Brits speaker's accent and common slangs than us.
  • Social upliftment and cultural adjustment can hit you with homesickness and initial difficulties in integrating into the local community.
  • Financial considerations can be high, particularly in cities like London.
  • Avoiding illegal activities with locals.

Overall, the experience of being an international student in the UK can be enriching and transformative, providing opportunities for personal growth, cultural exchange, and a world-class education.

What are your future plans/job opportunities after this degree/diploma?

It’s worth noting that the job market and opportunities can vary depending on the geographical location and specific industry. Networking, internships, and gaining practical experience can also enhance your job prospects in the field. After graduating with an MSc in Environmental Management from a UK university, you can pursue a variety of future plans and job opportunities. In my part, the internship role was that of a Graduate Route Trainee related to an Environmental Consultant firm with multiple stakeholders, encroaching from both public and private, assist the expertise of environmental consultants to assess and manage their environmental impact. As a consultant, you would provide advice on sustainability, environmental regulations, and help develop strategies for minimizing ecological footprints. However, the ultimate goal is to be an Environmental Scientist/Researcher with a background in waste management industry. (Not to restrict curiosity up to an Academic Researcher personal)

Your advice to other students planning to study abroad.

Consider the following key tips:

  • Search your correspondence Research: Learn about the country, its culture, customs, and educational system. Understand the local laws, weather conditions, and any necessary documentation or visas required for studying abroad. If the language of instruction differs from your native language, work on improving your language skills. Take language courses, practice speaking with native speakers, and familiarize yourself with academic terminology.
  • Treasure your course interest & actual cost: Consider factors viz., the reputation of the institution, program quality, faculty, available resources, and career opportunities. Look for scholarships or financial aid options for international students. Calculate the tuition cost, accommodation, living expenses, healthcare, and transportation. Create a budget and explore scholarship opportunities or part-time work options to support your studies. Familiarize yourself with restrictions on working hours for international students.
  • Accommodation and its surrounding: Explore your housing options, such as university dormitories, off-campus apartments, or homestays. Research the cost of living in the city and arrange for your accommodation well in advance. Be open-minded and respectful towards the local culture, customs, and traditions. Engage with the local community, participate in cultural events, and make an effort to understand and appreciate different perspectives.
  • 'Ready to Go' checklist: Ensure that you have all the necessary documents for your application, including academic transcripts, recommendation letters, essays, and proof of language proficiency. Keep multiple copies of important documents and have them translated if needed. Check if you need any vaccinations or medical examinations before traveling. Research health insurance options and understand the coverage provided. Familiarize yourself with local healthcare facilities and emergency services.
  • Stay organized & connected: Keep track of important dates, deadlines, and requirements related to your application, visa, and travel arrangements. Make a checklist to ensure you don't miss any crucial steps. Stay connected with your family and friends back home. Additionally, try to connect with other international students or join student organizations to build a support network and make new friends.
  • Remember, studying abroad is a unique opportunity for personal growth, academic advancement, and cultural immersion. Embrace the experience with an open mind and make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Lastly, a famous Chinese Proverb, "Teachers will open the doors, but you must enter by yourself." Good luck with your studies!

This is just one success story my friends. There's an unending list of such stories. Do you wish to be the next? Then why wait? Contact you nearest Edwise branch TODAY and make your dreams of attending a university abroad a concrete reality.

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Story of Studying Abroad UK

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