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Frequently Asked Questions About Study Abroad Amid COVID-19

July 2020

As a prospective international student, it is natural to have a million questions running through your mind. However, with the onset of COVID-19, it is natural that the number of questions has risen considerably. Students looking to study abroad in 2020 were met with a major challenge. Whilst some students decided to pursue their study online, many decided that it would be wise to put these plans on hold.

Whatever is the decision that you undertake, it is important that you first weigh the pros and cons, as well as understand the terms and conditions. At the end of the day, it is you who knows what's best for your future.

As leading overseas education consultants, we help students with the maze that is an overseas education. Faced with this unprecedented time, we have put together a list of likely questions that you have in mind right now to help you through this process.


Should I still study abroad, considering the present situation?

That is a personal decision that you need to undertake after weighing the pros and cons. Universities abroad along with the assistance of the government are undertaking all the necessary steps to ensure that the needs of international students are protected. It is expected that things will normalize soon. It would be quite detrimental to decide against studying abroad. The best you can do is wait and watch to see how the situation normalizes.

What should I do looking at the current scenario?

As overseas education consultants, we recommend that you remain patient and wait for this storm to pass. It is important to remain optimistic and ensure that you continue doing your research. Keep the process on by preparing for entrance tests and interact with people to gain opinions on the current scenario. You could also consider making applications and take into regards online classes. .

As a student looking to study abroad, how can I use this time wisely?

This is an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for the requisite admission tests. Not just this, but you could also consider undertaking certified online classes which will help add the extra wow factor in your application. We also highly recommend that you make your applications and get your documents in order. This will ensure that you are not left scouring for a solution at the eleventh hour.

What is the situation of education in USA in the midst of this pandemic?

Application deadlines are likely to get extended; it is recommended that you keep the process on and prepare for the required tests. Programs that earlier started in August end or the first week of September may get pushed to the end of September or the first week of October. The USA has always been renowned for its online courses. And even before the outbreak occurred, a considerable number of courses were conducted online.

How do I appear for the English proficiency tests?

With major test centres being shut in cities, students are given many alternatives. Universities are either looking at scores achieved in the said subject through the duration of the student's academic tenure while making a decision or are waiving of the requirements. Provisional offers are also being made with students given the opportunity to submit these test scores later. Certain universities have gone a step further and are also conducting online tests themselves. Not just this, but Duolingo is a popular medium of online English proficiency testing being used by universities.

Are study destinations still offering post-study work rights?

A popular study abroad destination such as Canada is heavily advocating online classes. The major advantage students receive from attending these courses is that they can begin their classes on time and that to from the comfort of their homes. Online classes will also have no effect on the Post Study Work right of students. Once things go back to normal, they can also attend the next semester in Canada itself and still be eligible for the Post Study Work Right.

The probable answer to any question you have in mind with regards to the said topic is patience. It is best to let the storm pass and then make your decision.


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