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Frequently asked questions about IELTS

August 2020

A globally recognized English proficiency test, it is given by those students who are looking to study abroad. It assesses the skills of a student in the areas of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The said test is conducted through two formats, which are namely the paper-based format and the online format. The modules of the IELTS are of two types, Academic and General Training. Students looking to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree abroad, appear for the Academic examination. On the other hand, candidates who are planning to migrate or wish to pursue vocational studies tend to appear for the General training exam.

Since adhering to the entry requirements to a study abroad program is a crucial characteristic, it is natural to have questions running through your mind. Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the IELTS, which will help solve some of your queries.


What is the format of the IELTS?

The IELTS is divided mainly into 4 sections. These are the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sections.

What is included in the Listening section of the IELTS?

The Listening section has 4 sections and 40 questions in total. This section lasts for a total of 40 minutes including 10 minutes transfer time for the answers to the main answer sheet.

What comprises of the Reading section in the IELTS?

The Reading section of the examination comprises of 3 passages which have a total of 40 questions. Aspirants are given a stipulated time of an hour to complete this section.

What can I expect to be asked in the Writing section of the IELTS?

The Writing section of the Academic module includes two writing tasks. Task 1 is a Report writing, wherein students have to explain diagrams and charts. The essay in task 1 must not be less than 150 words, thus our IELTS coaching advises that students should spend 20 minutes on this task. Furthermore, Task 2 is an Argumentative essay. The essay in task 2 must not be less than 250 words, thus, we advise students to allocate a significant proportion of their in this section. To the same effect, students are required to spend 40 minutes on the same. In total, the time allotted for the Writing section is 1 hour.

What is the Speaking segment of the IELTS like?

The Speaking section comprises of 3 parts, which is undertaken on a one-one basis between the examiner and the student. The Speaking segment of the examination is undertaken on another day, separate from the other sections of the exam. The total time duration for the said segment is 11-14 minutes. In Part 1 of this section, the examiner asks the candidate general questions in regards to work, studies, hobbies etc. The total time duration for this section is between 4-5 minutes. Moving on, in Part 2, the candidate is given a topic to speak on for a minute. Students have at their disposal a minute where they can regroup and write their thoughts down. Therefore, this portion lasts for about 3-4 minutes. Lastly, the examiner will ask questions to the candidate based on the earlier section, resulting in a two-way discussion. This portion lasts for 4-5 minutes.

How is the test scored?

The IELTS is scored on a band scale that ranges between 0-9. The scores required by students are largely dependent on their university, course and level of study. But in most cases, at least 6 bands for undergraduate studies and 6.5 bands for postgraduate studies is required in each section.

When will I receive my test results?

The test results are generally available in 15 working days.

How can I receive details about the venue of the examination?

Since the IELTS is conducted by the British Council, the venue details are been given by them 7 days prior to the examination.

How much does the examination cost?

The test fees vary from country to country. As study abroad consultants, our expert counsellors will offer you the complete financial details.

How do I register for the test?

You can get in touch with our counsellors who will be more than happy to provide you assistance in regards to the same. They will help book your test location as well as the date.

Edwise offers intensive and comprehensive IELTS training services to candidates aspiring to obtain an acceptable score in IELTS. We have qualified, experienced and trained teachers, who impart training to our students.


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