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FAQs about study abroad scholarships

February 2021

In the changing landscape, overseas education has become a preference for a large number of students. It is seen as a pathway for lucrative career opportunities and a life-enriching experience.
Coupled with the many benefits an education abroad has, universities abroad also offer scholarships which make the experience economical.

If you are seeking more information about scholarships to study abroad for Indian students here are some frequently asked questions that will clear some of your doubts.

What are the different types of scholarship abroad?

The general types of scholarships offered include Merit-Based Scholarships, Student Specific Scholarships, Need-Based Scholarships, Program/Career Based Scholarships, Indian Scholarship, University Scholarship and International Scholarship.

Are there any 100% scholarships to study abroad?

While there aren't any scholarships that cover 100% of the study abroad expenses, some scholarships are offered that do cover a major chunk of the proportion. Since these are limited, the competition for them is high. Thus, students not only need to have an exceptional academic record, but must ensure to make a well-presented application.

What scores do I need to have to get a scholarship?

Every scholarship provider follows their distinctive set of rules, and thus, the eligibility criteria differs accordingly. In some cases the amount of education abroad scholarships depends only on the academic performance of the student, some take a more holistic look at the student's profile.

What are the scholarships to study in UK?

Based on either merit or the student's performance through the course, scholarships are offered at universities in UK. In some cases, individual departments of the university may offer scholarships, whilst there are also specific scholarships offered to Indian students. Famous scholarships in UK include Chevening Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarship, DFID scholarship. These are very competitive, thus students should ensure to put their best foot forward.

Are there any scholarships to study in USA for Indian Students?

Fee waivers based on merit or need are offered to students. Impeccable academic scores, entrance exams results, extra-curricular activities are determining factors to attain scholarships to Study in the USA . Adhering to the deadline and the presentation of the application are crucial components that a student must bear in mind.

What are the types of scholarships for international students in Canada?

A varied of scholarships are offered by universities in Canada, some of which include, Sports Scholarships, Ethnic Scholarships, Merit-Based Scholarships, and International Undergraduate Scholarships.

What are scholarships to study in Australia like?

Several entities offer scholarships in Australia. The basis on which these scholarships are offered depend on the nature of the scholarship. Some scholarships offered include Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarships, International Postgraduate Research Scholarship and other forms of research or scholarship grants. Part Scholarships on academic excellence at the undergraduate and postgraduate level as well as those offered by individual universities in Australia can be availed.

One must consider the high returns they will receive once they attain an education abroad. Make your applications to study abroad and avail scholarships with India's Leading Overseas Education Consultants, Edwise.

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