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FAQs About Studying in Ireland

November 2021

One of the most popular study destination of Europe is Ireland. The education offered in the Ireland is world renowned. Many universities in Ireland ranks in top universities. Ireland offer several courses. Ireland is specialized in the field of natural science, humanities and economics. Getting a degree from one of the prestige universities in Ireland will make you stand out of crowd in your career development.

Many students who keen to study abroad have lots of doubts specially about study in Ireland. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about studying in Ireland can help you get your doubts clear.

Higher Studies in Ireland

How do I get my Visa?

If you are an EU citizen, you did not require a visa to enter Ireland but if you aren't then you need to contact the nearest Irish Embassy or Consulate to find out whether you are eligible to apply or not.

When can I apply for the visa?

After receiving the offer letter from the university, you can apply immediately.

Do I have pay Medical Insurance?

Non-Irish students will be required to have medical insurance but the student who came from the EU member state who has European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are allowed to use public service in Ireland.

Do Irish universities accept 10+2+3 education system of India?

Yes!! For the master's program, Irish Universities accept a 10+2+3 education system.

What and where to study in Ireland after 12 grade

The field and the university depend on the student's interest, background, and budget. You can create a list of skills and interests and then take time to decide them.

Can I stay in Ireland after study?

Yes! If you complete a course of 2 years or more then the student is allowed to work for more than 2 years after study under Irish General Employment Permit.

Which course is best in Ireland?

Ireland offers several courses and all the courses are good in their own way but most of the students prefer courses related to Computer and IT. As the country lies in Europe, Business-related program is very famous.

How do I apply for university in Ireland?

The student needs to select the course of interest on the basis of their last academics. To enroll in any of the University of Ireland one can directly apply through their website or one can come and consult Edwise for the best guidance and course selection.

Can Indian settle in Ireland?

If the person has stayed legally for 5 years with the job earning of more than 30,000 euros/ annum, then the person can apply for PR.

What are the requirement for Ireland student visa?

Language test proficiency is required to study in Ireland.

How much Bank balance is required for Ireland student visa?

The candidate should have enough funds which show that he/she can support their living in Ireland during the period of the course and the number of tuition fees.

Can I go Ireland without IELTS?

Yes!! one can go to Ireland without IELTS, some universities offer their own language proficiency test that tests only the basic eligibility in writing, reading, and speaking.

Where can I study Pharmacy in Ireland?

Many renowned universities offer the course of Pharmacy.

Is studying in Ireland expensive?

The budget of studying in Ireland is approx. 10-12 lakhs per year.

Is studying in Ireland a good idea?

Studying in Ireland gives a kick-start to one's career. Ireland ranks at the top for the quality of education.

For further assistance or queries related to Study in Ireland, Study in the UK, Study in the USA, etc. you can contact us, Edwise International, and avail of our wide range of services for students on destinations.

Colleges in Ireland

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