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Facts about Germany

October 2022

Every year, 25 million people visit Germany to enjoy the country's beautiful scenery, charming towns, and delectable cuisine. It has a rich and varied history, with diverse landscapes and cultural traditions. You may associate Germany with beer and sausages, and it is also a fascinating and vibrant country. Oktoberfest and Carnival are two of Germany's most magnificent celebrations and festivals. Many Germans have a good grasp of English but it is better to learn a little German language before visiting there. There are numerous remarkable facts about Germany that will compel you to learn more about the country's language and culture. Before you board the plane for your German adventure, why don't you look into some of the more unusual German cultural facts?

Facts about Germany

There are no speed limits on 65 percent of Germany's highways (Autobahn).

According to the Federal Highway Research Institute, there are over 8,000 miles of autobahn in Germany, with approximately 70% having no speed limits, while other roads and freeways do.

Everyone can attend university for free (even non-Germans).

Universities anywhere in Europe charge tuition fees. University fees were repealed again in 2014, following years of public outrage.

Germany is home to Europe's largest train station.

Lehrter Bahnhof is the largest train station in Europe. It is the first major rail station designed from the ground up in nearly a century.

There is around 7,000 variety of beer in Germany.

Germans love drinking beer. As a result, it is probably not a coincidence that Germany now has over 7,000 different types of beer brewed in 1,300 breweries.

Berlin is bigger than Paris.

Berlin is more than nine times the size of Paris, but it has only one-fifth of the population density.

Berlin has more bridges than Venice.

There are around 1700 bridges in Berlin whereas Venice has around 400 bridges.

Germans love traveling

German people love to spend more on their holidays' travel than any other nation.

The highest of Germany is 2,962 meters high.

The Zugspitze in Bavaria is Germany's highest peak, standing at 2,962 metres. It is a mountain on the border between Germany and Austria.

Germany is the largest car producer in the world.

Germany sells approximately 6 million cars per year, making it one of the world's largest car producers.

The first book was printed in Germany.

In 1455, the Gutenberg Bible was produced at Mainz. It is the first book in Europe to be printed. The one who completed it was named Johannes Gutenberg.

The first magazine was launched in Germany.

A literary and philosophy magazine named Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen was first launched in Germany in the year 1663.

Germany has the most number of zoos in any country.

There are over 400 zoos in Germany, more than in any other country.

Germany has the second most punctual airport.

After Tokyo, Munich has the world's second most punctual large airport.

Germany produced some of the world's most famous inventions.

Inventions like a Diesel engine, Bunsen burner, electron microscope, printing press, lightbulb, automated calculators, automobiles, insulin, petrol engines, jet engines, the Walkman and many others.

Fanta was developed in Germany.

Fanta was created in Germany during World War II after Coca-Cola syrup was prohibited from being imported into the country.

Germany is a highly educated country.

With 6,200 museums, 820 theatres, 130 professional orchestras, and 8,800 libraries, Germany is a very educated country.

In Germany, attempting to escape from prison is not a crime.

Attempting to flee prison in Germany is not illegal because the desire to be free is a basic human instinct.

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Facts about Germany

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