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Everything to know about Ireland

December 2021

Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is also known as Emerald Isle because of its wide lush and green fields. It is divided into two islands south and north. 5/6th of the island is occupied by the Republic of Ireland, South Island. It is located in the North Atlantic, West of Great Britain. It is the second-largest island of the British Isles. People in Ireland are Irish people and it is a national language. Irish culture is relatively homogeneous. The Republic of Ireland is filled with Catholics while Northern Ireland has Catholics as well as Protestants.

Ireland is full of beautiful castles and ancient history. It is a combination of modern cities and peaceful countryside. Ireland is also an education hub. Many students tend to study abroad and Ireland is a popular destination. It is among the top countries in terms of peaceful life, safety, quality of life and education

Everything to know about Ireland

Courses in Ireland

Ireland is most popular for the courses like Medicine and Pharmacy, Social Science, Production Management, Journalism, Hotel Management, Tourism Marketing. Ireland also offers short courses. There are around 50+ certificate courses offered in Ireland. Part-time jobs

One of the advantages of pursuing a degree in Ireland for international students is that it has a student-friendly visa policy. Ireland allows students to take part-time jobs while they are pursuing further studies. It offers plenty of part-time job opportunities for international students. Working part-time jobs makes students confident, independent and can also ease the financial pressure. It also allows students to interact with local people and get adapted to their nature.

Students Life in Ireland

There are many things students can enjoy in Ireland. Universities held many club activities and events for students so that they get along with their university mates. Ireland offers a discount on leisure, music and books for students. Living in Ireland can be expensive but it's worth it. Students also get offers on cinema and theatre tickets. Clubs and bars run discounts for students' nights in the midweek.

Delicacies in Ireland

Irish people's cooking style is developed by their ancestors. Many English cuisines have an impact on Irish cuisine. In most of their dishes, potatoes are most common. The traditional dishes of Ireland are Colcannon, potato pancake, Irish stew, cabbage and potatoes with bacon, many more.

Know it's History

Studying in a foreign country also means learning and understand the country's history, their native, their traditional food, and many other things. Ireland is a country of the storyteller. Every lane of Ireland tells a different story. To understand the country's history deeply one can go to the museum. There are around 230 Irish museums in Ireland.

Climate in Ireland

It rains almost 155-200 days of the year in Ireland. The temperature here is mild and humid. Ireland is wetter than any other country one needs to be prepared for this. Extreme winters in Ireland are rare.

Traditional Music and Dance in Ireland

While the study in Ireland one must experience Irish traditional dance and music, at least once. Long back Ireland only had an Irish harp later uilleann pipes, fiddle and accordion were added. It 3 main types of styles contemporary, folk and classical. The famous Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann is celebrated on a large scale. It's an Irish folk music festival. Irish will give an instance of Irish culture.

Arts and Literature in Ireland

Ireland has contributed a lot to the field of literature. Irish literature is written in Irish, English and Latin language. Famous Nobel Laureates William Butler Yeast, George Bernard Shaw was produced by Ireland.

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Colleges in Ireland

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