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Current Trends in Pursuing Education in the UK

December 2023

Education is a growing industry, the industry keeps updating as per the needs of the current generation. Till a couple of decades back, education was restricted to classrooms, field trips, experimenting in science laboratories, etc. As per the latest data found, a growing trend towards interdisciplinary programmes allows the students to have a learning in multiple fields/subjects with a combination of, thus, providing a broader educational perspective.

Current Trends in Pursuing Education in the UK

What are the changes in education in UK?

The education sector in the UK has changed after COVID. More flexible modes of learning, i.e. online courses, part-time courses are at par with traditional classroom learning in today's time. Here are some changes in education in UK.

Adapting to online learning

Online learning is one of the major changes that has been growing since a few years in the world of education. Access to the internet, connectivity, location, and demographics plays a major role in the development of online learning. Since the pandemic, online degrees have been offering short-term, part-time and diploma courses to its students. These courses have been specially designed to cater to the diverse needs of the students. Also, the universities have made sure that their libraries give online access to its students in order to carry out their research work digitally through e-books and other digital materials.

Gives a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical training

Since the covid period, education in the UK has become more refine about the methods and curriculum. The blend of theory and practical training is keen on improving the needs of the students and professionals. The blended form of learning has increased the use of online and remote learning. In addition, the virtual labs, working on case studies provides practical training in an online classroom setup.

Introduction to short-term courses and certificate courses

After covid, the education system introduced the other modes of learning: hybrid and online mode. From a degree, diploma to a short-term course or a certificate course can be earned online. As short-term and certificate courses are shorter in duration, it is beneficial for working professionals as well. These courses help in upskilling, reskilling, and continuous learning.

What are the current trends in pursuing education in UK?

Use of technology/AI

(courses available on platforms like Coursera and Udemy, use of projectors in classrooms)

As and when the technology progresses, the need for technology in education too increases. Recently, schools have started using tablets, projectors, and other technologies to enhance the learning experience of the students. With this, the need for the following increases:

  • With more working professionals wanting to pursue online degrees, there is a rise in educational platforms like Upgrade, Udemy and Coursera. There are a variety of degrees that are taught here for students of all age groups.
  • With an increase in online learning, there are professors required who can help the students learn in a more transitioned way.
  • As technology has become an integral part of education, schools and universities are becoming comfortable using technologies in their teaching methods.
  • With an increased number of international students who wish to learn a foreign language, there is a great demand for bilingual educators.
  • As the education industry is evolving, the need for a special education trainer would be required. This involves early childhood and special needs education.

Hybrid model of learning

With the education being shifted to the online platform, there are many Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) that are available across educational platforms. As per the latest reports, nearly 270 million students have no access to schools online. Thus, online platforms have a rapid growth with growing internet connectivity across the nations.

Home schooling

The concept of home schooling is gaining popularity in today’s time. In home schooling, the parents offer a form of education to their children. It is seen that students who are home-schooled tend to perform well in academics, social life, emotional and psychological level. As per a study conducted in UK's Concordia University, it was found that children who are home-schooled tend to achieve higher academic results as compared to their peers. Children receiving education through home schooling have a deeper understanding and are confident in their abilities.

Gamification method

(use of leader boards, explaining the concept through stories, giving immediate feedback, giving progress report)

Gamification is a method that existed indirectly in the form of group tasks, house systems and competitions. With newer versions of technologies coming into existence, it is a phenomenon that has arrived in the education system. Gamification method is a tool that is in use for traditional learning method nowadays. Being the most trending method used for educational purposes, it is used to motivate students, give them practical training.

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Education in the UK for International Students

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