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COVID-19 and study in UK

January 2021

Not only did the pandemic have an impact on students already studying in UK but also affected those who were making their plans of doing the same.

One of the most prominent study destinations, UK has through the years been a major study destination with students flouting in large numbers to study from top universities. However, apart from the world-class educational opportunities provided to students, study in UK is so much more than that. While the universities in UK build on the theoretical knowledge that students possess, they also look to catapult their practical abilities to ensure that they are holistic professionals on the completion of their program. The global skillsets that students acquire in the UK are not something they attain solely by being in class, but rather through the ancillary experiences that students are able to attend. The shorter course duration when compared to other destinations, is a major pull factor when studying in UK and thus it is natural that the pandemic has had consequences on the educational sector there.

Onset of the lockdown

  • Many students who decide to study in UK have their first-time experience of being away from the loved ones, and thus, go through a major adjustment process. In the process of dealing with homesickness and juggling classes along with part-time jobs, students are often left hassled. Add to the mix a global pandemic, it is natural that students are going to feel dismayed.
  • Since the onset of the pandemic, not only have classes shifted online, but extra-curricular activities such as those of clubs, volunteer work was put on the back burner.

What are students expecting

  • Universities in UK were prompt to incorporate the latest tools and technology, ensuring to offer the best possible means of support.
  • Online classes have commenced and students are given a period of few months wherein they can come to the UK to attend their classes in person.
  • Some universities have delayed their start dates while others are making necessary accommodation in the entry requirements to ensure that it caters to the needs of the students.
  • Moreover, with classes being commenced online, students now have the opportunity to kickstart their study in UK from their home country itself and be prepared to travel to the UK when the time is right.
  • As mentioned earlier, the current intake has already commenced through the online medium and applications for January and September 2021 intakes are being processed normally.
  • Hybrid learning is heavily advocated at universities in UK with students being met with an amalgamation of online as well as on-campus classes.
  • Universities have also brought in place several rigid protocols to ensure that student's wellbeing is protected.

Education in UK is the overall experience a student has when they interact with students from all across the globe and engage in networking activities.

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