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Study Abroad Guide

A Checklist to Studying Abroad

Now that you have made your decision to study abroad and have most likely got admittance into the university of your choice, the second leg of your university application stage begins. There are several considerations that you should make once you gain admission abroad. Although the entire experience is extremely enthralling, making certain considerations are important. This article, looks to help you with just that, through the below given tips for studying abroad, your experience is definitely going to be streamlined.


Make sure you have a valid passport

To be able to study abroad, it is of immense significance that you have a valid passport. Double check to ensure that the validity of your passport is in tandem with the duration of the course. Having a valid passport, is most important for you to be able to study overseas.

Apply for a study visa

Irrespective of where you decide to study, having a study visa is necessary. Getting admission is not all, getting a student visa is the greatest test. Presenting your case for visa effectively and boldly is the secret to getting a study permit. Go through the visa guidelines meticulously to truly understand what is required by you.


It would be wasteful to ask you to pack lightly! However, check with the airlines what the baggage allowance is like. Although it is extremely tempting to carry along with you those home cooked items, several countries have rules against the same. Moreover, with the globalized nature of the society it becomes extremely easy to find the authentic meals you’re looking for. Apart from food, certain electronic gadgets may have to be left behind. This is due to the difference in the voltage that may result in issues with your electronic gadgets. Moving on, if you’re looking to buy weather appropriate clothes make sure to go buy the same from there. Not only does it help you save on space, but also ensures that you get the appropriate items.

Know the local language

An integral component of overseas education is immersing yourself in the local culture. Although, English is a widely spoken language knowing the local language will give you the upper hand when it comes to communicating with the locals. It will help you feel part of the circle and easily assimilate into the culture of a foreign land.

Research the destination’s culture

Familiarize yourself with the country. Acquaint yourself with the country’s culture, economy, geography, government and history. This will not only be a good ice breaker when making conversation with the locals but will also enable you to understand the city better. There are certain mannerisms that are looked down upon in various countries. Being aware of the same will help you prevent making those social errors. The easiest way to assimilate into the culture is to follow the lead. Observe what the locals are doing and accordingly formulate your behavior. When in doubt always ask questions. Majority of the locals are warm and welcoming to international students and provide help. The only way you will truly assimilate into the culture abroad is to ask questions and interact with locals.

Manage Finances

An important consideration to make is of finances and budgets. Making a budget and adhering to the same will help you have a smooth university experience. It prevents you from overspending. It is integral that you set up an online bank account. It is one of the easiest ways you can manage your finances when studying abroad. You should notify your current bank about your plans to study abroad so that they can make the necessary alterations. In the initial days it’s better to carry some hard cash with you. This is because you will take some time to settle into the new atmosphere. Moreover, it may take you time to find an ATM and a local bank. Thus for the initial few days it is imperative that you carry cash with you.

Booking Tickets

Only book your ticket once you get your study visa. Undertake immense research before finalizing your tickets. Certain airlines have discount facilities for international students, make you sure you make an attempt to get the same. The critical component you should take into consideration when booking flight tickets is that the sooner you book your ticket the better deal you get.

Medical Checkup and Insurance

Certain countries require you to have medical insurance before going there. However, in certain countries medical insurance may be provided. Visit the doctor before you leave. Undertake all the necessary medical checkups, thus avoiding any unforeseen circumstances. The above given tips will surely enable you to have a smooth experience studying abroad.


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