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Career Opportunities Post PhD in the UK

October 2022

Due to its reputation for providing high-quality education and research-intensive universities, the United Kingdom is one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the world. Students can pursue their study in a wide range of scientific, humanistic, technological, subjects at UK institutions. Oxford University, Imperial College London, Leeds University, and Coventry University are a few of the top PhD institutions in the UK.

Career Opportunities post PhD in the UK

PhD programme graduates have the opportunity to pursue rewarding employment in the future. A PhD student's annual pay in the UK ranges from 35,000 to 48,000 British pound sterling. Additionally, during their PhD programme, students get monthly stipends and maintenance costs.

Why study PhD in the UK?

For PhD students, the UK PhD programme has a plethora of options. UK is one of the top choices for overseas students seeking PhDs because it is home to more than 150 distinct PhD universities.

Here are a few reasons why one must choose to pursue a Doctoral degree in the UK:

1. Financial Assistance: A variety of government agencies, nonprofit grant providers, universities, businesses, and other institutions may give financial assistance to international students who are enrolled in PhD programmes in the UK. Students can rely on financial assistance to meet their tuition costs as well as certain additional costs.

2. Industry Experience: Most esteemed universities that offer PhD programs provide both academic research training and experience in the industry. For international students who plan to pursue careers in a variety of industries after earning their PhDs in Science, Business, Management, or the Arts, this might be advantageous.

3. Research Framework: PhD pursuits can benefit greatly from the overall research structure for their programmes in the UK. The PhD typically takes about 3 - 4 years. Moreover, there is a superb foundation for outstanding multidisciplinary research, which several committed research-intensive universities have replicated.

4. Tax-Free Stipend: International PhD students typically get a tax-free remuneration of between 25,000 and 30,200 GBP. Since the PhD stipends and studentships are tax-free, students get their full monthly salary as a stipend.

PhD Stipends Available to International Students in the UK

In the UK, there are essentially three main kinds of stipend PhDs. The students may get their stipends or wages through teaching assistantship, a research assistantship, or via a studentship.

1. Graduate Teaching Assistantships: The PhD students are expected to help in the teaching of several courses during their programme as part of their GTAs, or Graduate Teaching Assistantships. This may entail marking a few student tutorials, monitoring various lab procedures, and offering help to various undergraduates during office hours. You will also be required to teach a specific segment of the course on your own if you seek for a graduate student assistantship.

2. Research Assistantships: In order to earn a UK PhD wage, students pursuing research assistantships in the UK will help the professor in their department with their research. Students' PhD supervisor will typically also be the professor they are working for. Additionally, the research that the students conduct will be relevant to your own PhD study.

3. Stipend/ Studentship: A stipend, which is given to doctorate students in order to fund their studies, is regarded as a non-repayable award. A portion of the students' tuition will be paid for by the studentship. A stipend, on the other hand, is intended to pay for the student's living expenses. This might include costs for things like rent, bills, food, and simple travel. Stipends are not subject to any obligations or taxes, unlike Research Assistantships or Graduate Teaching Assistantships.

Employment Opportunities for PhD students in the UK:

Post completion of a PhD degree in the UK, graduates may look forward to rewarding professions. In the commercial and research-based sectors including education, technology, health, science, etc., PhD graduates might well be recognized working well.

A few high paying and lucrative job roles are listed as follows:

  1. Associate Professor - Avg Annual Salary: INR 49.44 Lakhs
  2. Anthropologist - Avg Annual Salary: INR 56.22 Lakhs
  3. Principal Scientist - Avg Annual Salary: INR 64.45 Lakhs
  4. Historian - Avg Annual Salary: INR 77.26 Lakhs
  5. Systems Engineer - Avg Annual Salary: INR 91.56 Lakhs

How to seek employment after a PhD in the UK?

Students in the UK enjoy a wide range of prospects after earning their PhDs. They can pursue a teaching career in the academic sector or find employment in any specific field or business they want. They can work as an Editor, Data Scientist, Senior Research Scientist, Associate Professor, etc.

It takes a lot of research to get a job after receiving a PhD. After receiving their PhDs, students have the option of entering the fields of science, the arts, technology, management, business administration, etc. Graduates have a bright future in the UK, where the average PhD wage is above 45000 GBP.

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