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Biggest festival and celebration in Canada for international students

November 2021

Canada is well known for its multicultural and ethnic atmosphere. People around the world resident in Canada for ages. Canada is also known as Great White North because Canada is Great, white is because of its Arctic Frozen tundra and snow and North is because it's the north of the United States. It is filled with amazingly friendly people, a diverse landscape like tundras, deserts, mountains, rainforests. People around the globe come to Canada to study also as a tourist. Canada is so big that you cannot complete it in just one hour.

Study abroad is an experience in itself. Experiencing foreign culture, atmosphere, the climate is a good thing. There are many study destinations in the world in which Canada is the most popular one. Students easily get adapted to this environment. Many universities are on the list of the world's best universities. International students need to experience the biggest celebration of Canada.

Here is the list of the biggest festival and celebrations in Canada for international students to enjoy

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Here is the list of the biggest festival and celebrations in Canada for international students to enjoy

Folklorama: It is a two-week festival. It is celebrated each August. Thousands of people come to enjoy this festival. It is celebrated in Winnipeg. People come to taste different types of cuisine and celebrate the culture and ethnicity of people from different cultures. There are also different kinds of stalls available for visitors. Folklorama was first held in August 1970. it is the largest and the longest festival celebrated in the world.

Canada Day: Canada is the national day of Canada. It is celebrated on 1st July every year. It is celebrated on a large scale as it is an anniversary of the Canadian Confederation that occurred on 1st 1867. it is celebrated with musical concerts, gigs, fireworks and many other things. Cities like Ottawa, Ontario, Toronto, Vancouver and British Columbia start celebrating early in the morning till midnight. Many cities host parades, barbeque, air and maritime show and free musical concerts. Canada Day is referred to as Canada Birthday.

Vancouver Festival: It is the largest festival in the Vancouver region. It is called the Celebration of Lights. This festival takes place in July every year at English Bay. It also lasts for three consecutive nights. It is the longest firework competition in the world. Three different countries compete with each other to woo the crowd. Every year the competitors have a theme. People enjoy it by having their favourite food. The festival ends at Sunset Beach with a music festival.

Toronto International Film Festival: It is also known as TIFF. It is the largest film festival attended by the public. It is the most popular festival celebrated in Toronto by around 5,00,000-6,00,000 people every year. This festival is known for the best movies with big stars. Around 8,000-9,000 film industry people attend this festival in which it screens 500-600 films. Toronto International Film Festival's mission is to transform the way people see the world through film. TIFF is the second festival after the Cannes festival where a variety of high profile people show up.

Winterlude: It is the largest annual winter festival in Canada. It is celebrated in the city of Ottawa and Gatineau. It is run by the Department of Canadian Heritage. It was started in 1979. many races are held at this festival. It is also known as a cross-country ski race. Events like a snowshoe, bed racing, ice dragon boat and fat bike are also held.

There are many more festivals celebrated in Canada like the Toronto Caribbean festival, Quebec Winter Carnival, Edmonton Folk Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival and many other. Canada is filled with celebrations and enjoyment. This is the reason why international students dream to study in Canada. They have their best time here while studying and We at Edwise helps them to achieve their dream.

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