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Benefits of Study in UK: A Leader in Overseas Education

December 2021

As one of the top notch destinations for overseas education, the UK continues to reinvent itself to keep abreast with the ever evolving landscape of education and industry. To the same effect, the UK has seen a surge in admissions and international students, despite the raging pandemic. Students continue to choose study in UK over other destinations.

With the perfect blend of theory and practicum, courses in UK are considered to be the best and most fulfilling. Universities in UK have also garnered a reputation of being among the most highly ranked institutions globally.

Courses in UK

Here are a few benefits of study in UK. These are a few reasons but are not limited to just these:

1. Top- notch quality education

  • Over the years, the UK has emerged as a formidable force in overseas education.
  • Counted among the best, the UK employs a unique style of teaching and medium of teaching that enables graduates to be prepared for the competitive job market.
  • Testament to the focus on delivering quality education is the fact that many top universities in UK are highly ranked globally.
  • The UK offers flexibility in choosing the courses within a given program, and with a well experienced faculty, the education imparted is holistic and well established.
  • With a strong focus on practicality as well, students gain hands on experience while pursuing their respective programs.

2. Globally recognized degrees

  • Being an international hub of education, the UK is a popular choice and preference for various international students who want to pursue their further education abroad.
  • As many universities in the UK are recognized globally, the qualifications, degrees and certificates they offer the students are also internationally recognized.
  • As the education imparted is a blend of theory and practicality, graduates have an upper hand over their peers in their respective home countries.
  • Graduates with these qualifications also are preferred by international companies and organizations.

3. Post Study Work opportunities

  • Just like other study destinations for study abroad, the UK also offers enticing Post Study Work opportunities to graduates of universities in UK.
  • Currently, as Master's programs in UK are of 1 year duration, students are met with an opportunity to receive the same qualification within a shorter time period.
  • Under the Graduate Immigration Route, after a 1 year program, students are offered a 2 year Post Study Work Visa to stay back in the UK after their education.
  • Students can stay and work in the UK, and following a time period of 5 years, they can apply for Permanent Residency and immigrate to the UK.
  • After receiving the Post Study Work Permit, there is no restriction on the hours of employment for the students.

4. International and global campuses

  • With the UK being a melting pot of cultures, nationalities and personalities, universities in UK are host to vibrant multicultural and international campuses.
  • Always bustling, these campuses act as mediators for students to interact with each other and share views, ideas and build lasting networks.
  • With an abundance of clubs and societies, students are presented with a platform to learn new languages, understand different cultures and move out of their comfort zones.

5. Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • To assist international students study abroad, universities in UK offer a plethora of scholarships and financial aid.
  • These can me in the form of tuition fee reductions, accommodation discounts or a full ride scholarship.
  • Apart from these scholarships, there a various organizations that also offer scholarships for students to study in UK.
  • Scholarships really help students reduce the financial burden and increase affordability.

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Study Abroad UK

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