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Attending Online Classes as an International Student

August 2020

As much as we would all love to be on-campus and seep the experience of attending classes in person, the current pandemic has put a pause in our plans. However, it is necessary that we remember that there is light at the end of this tunnel and keep in mind the many benefits an education abroad possess.

From gaining an international perspective to accomplishing quality education that opens myriads of opportunities, the many advantages that an overseas education possess continue to remain intact.

Taking into account the current situation it is important to not lose perspective, all the relevant parties have come together and have come up with various alternative solutions. One such solution has been online classes. Universities across the globe are now offering online classes to ensure that the education prospects of international students are not halted.

As a prospective international student, here are some compelling reasons as to why you should consider undertaking online classes.

Job Opportunities

What students also need to bear in mind is the time that they have in hand. Since they are commencing these classes from the comfort of their homes, they have the opportunity to tap into the professional field. This means that students are able to undertake part-time as well as full-time jobs if possible, in their home country.

Tap into your other interests

Another advantage of online classes is the time it leaves you with. As mentioned earlier, you can utilize this time to tap into your other passions. Your ancillary dreams need not be on the back burner and you can simultaneously work on your other aspirations. If there is any short course that you wish to undertake you can do so simultaneously. Therefore, it is very important that you always see the plus point of a situation at hand.

Be with your loved ones

A major emotion that a significant number of student's face is that of homesickness. When travelling to your study abroad destination, students often wallow about leaving their loved ones at home. However, with online classes, this is no longer an issue. Students can be with their loved ones and at the same time reap the benefits of international education. Whilst enjoying their home-cooked food, students ensure that there is no setback in their education prospects.

Resource Material

Students won't have to worry about their study material because they will never be at a dearth of it. Faculty are always at the support of students and ample online resources are offered to students, enabling them to continue their trajectory of education. Apart from this, regular discussions and online forums are immensely encouraged by universities to ensure that students are able to put their ideas across the table whilst at the same time also interact with international students. All this ensures that the cultural and holistic development of the student stays intact. Moreover, chatrooms are also offered so that students can communicate with one another.


Online classes are flexible in nature and in some cases may allow students to work at their own pace. Not only does this make students more responsible and accountable but also helps enrich a range of other attributes in them. Classes are conducted at convenient times to ensure that students irrespective of residing in any corner of the world and able to attend the same. There is no compromise in the quality of education imparted and the academic development of a student is given paramount importance. Students become more disciplined and committed through the medium of online classes.

Stay back opportunities

A major reason a student decides to study abroad is to reap the benefits of the stay back opportunities and enhance their future career prospects. However, with the impending crisis students are in two minds about studying abroad. However, this should not be the case, since some counties have ensured that work opportunities of students remain intact. For instance, Canada announced that students can complete up to 50% of their classes online and still reap the benefits of their post-study work rights.

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