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Why one should study in Colleges in UK

May 2019

The education in UK is highly recognized due to its rich history. Many countries have incorporated their educational systems from that of UK. Colleges in UK are known to be extremely prestigious in nature and universities from elsewhere look to replicate the study pattern and structure of that of UK. The highly specialized course structure along with contemporary teaching techniques pushes the student to independently learn their course. The independent learning that colleges in UK offer motivates the students to be self-learners, thus making them stand out from the crowd. Noted personalities who have studied from universities in UK include Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru to name a few. And thus many students dream of studying from here. The UK society is highly cosmopolitan in nature and welcomes people from diverse background with open arms. Thus apart from contradictory beliefs the locals are extremely friendly to international students.

Apart from the prominent education system, it is also renowned for its recreation facilities. Monumental sites such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and River Thames to name a few offer entertainment facilities to its students. Due to its proximity to other European nations, many students travel to European countries during their course break. Traveling to other countries makes sure that students not only seep in the knowledge taught in classrooms but also undertake some real life experience enabling them to practically imply their learning.

Employers increasingly seek creative and independent learners and education in UK inculcate these values in the students. The independent teaching techniques push the student to think for themselves and stand out from the crowd. The skills inculcated are highly reputable and marketable making them highly sought after by the employers.

Earning potential of UK graduates increase multifold compared to those of other countries. The immense choices of institutions and courses coupled with diversity and flexibility make UK a highly sought after country.

The duration of programs are shorter compared to those of other countries. Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in other countries usually last for four to two years respectively. However, universities in UK offer a three year undergraduate program and postgraduate programs last for one year. The shorter duration of the course acts as huge pull factors to prospective students.

Colleges in UK have their main intakes in the month of September and October. However, some of them also undertake acceptance during January and February. Furthermore, some also have their intakes in April and May. This gives ample opportunities for students to seek admission in their college of choice. Scholarships offered to its students are highly competitive in nature. And thus many students actively seek scholarships from here.

UK colleges allow their students to work for 20 hours a week during the duration of the course. Furthermore, they can also work fulltime during breaks. This enables the students to recover the cost that they incurred while studying in the UK.

Studying in the UK

Eligibility For Studying in UK

Undergraduate programs require different academic scores depending upon the course under consideration. Courses of Law, Engineering, and Humanities have different entry requirements. Students with lower scores also have the opportunity to undertake a foundation or diploma course, enabling them to strengthen their foundations. Only students above eighteen years of age can pursue an undergraduate program. However, if that’s not the case then they must be accompanied by a guardian. Universities in UK also offer postgraduate courses whose entry requirements again differ upon the course under consideration. Colleges offering a business program require work experience, GMAT entrance scores and certain academic qualifications. Apart from course specifications, most programs look for English requirements. They do so through requiring an IELTS score, which differ from courses to courses. The English Requirement not only enables students to seek admission under the course of their liking, but it can also come into handy when seeking internships. Basic documents required for an application include mark sheets, reference letters, statement of purpose, resume and entrance exam scores to name a few. The application process of colleges in UK is undertaken through online application. Different colleges have different deadlines that students must adhere to. A student can also attain education in UK through foundation programs that enable students to have an alternative road to enhance their skill set, these foundation programs last for a period of one year. Some universities in UK also offer sandwich programs, wherein students not only spend time learning their course but also undertake a year of work experience. Due the extra year of work experience, the course duration extends from three to four years.

Cost For Studying in UK

Due to the lesser duration of programs in colleges of UK, the cost structure is also comparatively cheaper. Undergraduate programs last for three years and postgraduate for one year, which causes the cost of the programs to be comparatively cheaper compared to other study destinations. The below given cost structure is calculated along the exchange rate of £1= Rs 88.73. Arts and Humanities courses approximately cost Rs 709844-887305. Furthermore, engineering programs may cost Rs 887305-1153496.5. Business programs range from Rs 1064766 to Rs 1419688. Moreover, MBA programs may range from Rs 887305- 2218262.5. Living costs of places other London range from Rs 810553.12 to Rs 887305. Similarly, places near London may cost Rs 1010196.74 to 1064766. The above given cost framework is subject to change along the changes in exchange rate.

Visa For Studying in UK

Although the visa application process is a daunting experience, Edwise looks to ease the burden from the students. And in an attempt to do so offers visa assistance to its students. There are several requirements that a student must fulfill in order to avail a UK Student Visa. Students looking to pursue a full time degree course can avail the student visa upon fulfilling certain criteria. Eligibility of the student visa is based upon a points based rule system. According to this system a student needs to achieve 40 points to receive a student’s visa. Upon receiving an acceptance letter from a university in UK, one can make an application for a visa. Student must provide evidence of funding not only for the course but also for the living expenses. UK Student Visa applications are made online. It also includes a health surcharge students have to pay in order to gain access to the National Health Service.

Employment in UK

Colleges in UK allow students to work 20 hours per week during the term duration and full time during the holidays. The student can expect to earn approximately £ 5- £ 7 per hour. Local newspapers, job shops, college career cells are avenues through which the students can avail information regarding job vacancies. Upon graduating with a recognized degree student can switch to a Tier 2- Sponsored Skill Category visa. Employers seek this visa because it prevents them from having to undergo The Resident Labour Market Test. UK colleges also provide immense support to genuine students looking to transform themselves into entrepreneurs. They offer them stay back opportunities enabling them to develop their business.


Universities in UK are largely government funded and thus the opportunities for scholarships are largely limited. However, they still offer certain scholarships to their students. These are based either on merits or need based. Some also offer scholarships exclusively for Indian students. The British Government also offers awards which are extremely competitive in nature. Students have to make their application to avail these scholarships well in advance. Undergraduate scholarships are merit based and limited in nature. The Undergraduate and Vocation Scholarship Scheme offer scholarships to international students in collaboration with the British Government. All universities have their own scholarship deadlines that they follow. Furthermore, Postgraduate programs have university based scholarships ranging from £1000-£2500. Postgraduate pursuant can seek scholarships through opportunities such as British Chevening, which is for students pursuing Research and Taught Postgraduate Courses. Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship Plans are for students from the Commonwealth countries. Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme for students pursuing postgraduate research.

Upon payment of a nominal charge students can avail health care services. The student union in UK is extremely strong and thus enables students to avail discounts in stationery, food and travel to name a few. Not only this, but the union is also extremely strong in standing up for student’s rights. Education in UK can be financially achieved through bank loans, scholarships, sponsorship or bursaries. Colleges in UK, require students to pay an initial deposit which is also helpful when availing a visa. The British Government undertakes assessment of the university every five years, to keep a check on them. The departments in the colleges are rated at either a 4*which is considered to be exceptional or 1 which is at the lower end of the spectrum. This regular assessment makes sure that the universities stay up to the expected standard.

Universities in UK offer every imaginable course and provide the students with impeccable study opportunities. Students can avail many benefits by studying in UK. Although multiple study abroad destinations have come up, UK continues to hold a prominent position due to the niche quality of courses it offers.

Why one should study in Colleges in UK

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