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Why Study in USA- The American Dream

August 2019

The number of international students enrolled in US colleges and universities is highest compared to other study abroad destinations. An eminent destination for academia, a large number of Ivy Leagues, Technical Institutes, Private Institutes, Public Universities along with Liberal Arts College and Community Colleges are available. The quality of education received at these institutions are unparalleled, ensuring students receive the best quality education.

There are many reasons why you should consider studying in the US, some of which include:

Study in Overseas

International Edge

As mentioned earlier, the number of colleges and universities in the US is higher compared to other study destinations. Although the number of institutions in the US are large, no compromise is made in the quality of education provided. The faculty employed at US colleges and universities are prominent authorities in their respective fields. A large number of students decide to overseas study because the quality of research programs offered along with the resources made available to access the same have ensured that the quality of the course structure is high. All of this has made sure that the institutions have a high standard.


USA has over 40000 institutions which offer a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degrees. You can specialize in a range of subject areas. USA is not only a forerunner when it comes to academics but also provides various social clubs that will enable you to interact with individuals and transcend your outlook.

Financial Aid

Although a large number of people believe that to study in USA, one needs to shell out a large sum of money that is far from the truth. Education in the USA, falls under the category of value for money and is seen as a formidable investment for the future. Financial assistance in the form of scholarships, fee waivers, aids which are provided by the institutions make it easier for students to attain top quality education.

Research and Technology

The country is prominent for the advancements it has made in the field of technology. STEM courses are extremely eminent and undertaking the said course gives you access to an additional year of stay back. Therefore studying these courses in USA will enable you to make a name for yourself. A hub of innovations, you get first hand knowledge regarding the latest technologies. This knowledge related to technology can be put to use with research opportunities offered at the institutions.

Flexible Education System

The flexible nature of the education system in the USA, is one of the distinctive benefits of attaining education from here. When it comes to choice of courses within colleges or universities, the US education system becomes extremely flexible. During the duration of the course, if you want to transfer from one course to another or from one institution to another, you are at liberty to do so.


Many international students like you decide to study in USA because not only is the education received from there a great preparation for the future, but the costs are also economical in nature. Through the means of financial aids, studying in USA becomes easier. Earning and learning is the policy adopted in the US, therefore you will be permitted to work 20 hours per week during the course and 40 hours during course break.

Top Ranking Institutions

Amongst the top ranking institutions worldwide, a large proportion of them are located in USA. These institutions rank highly due to multifold of reasons some of which include, quality education, technological advancement, infrastructure and much more.

Professional Outlook

The US education system utilizes a professional approach which enables you to learn formidable amount of knowledge. The aim of institutions in the US, is to not only make sure you receive relevant knowledge but also imbibe in you professional skills. This ensures you have the relevant skills in the professional world, giving you better growth prospects.

Interesting Attributes about USA

The US universities utilizes a professional approach which enables you to learn formidable amount of knowledge. The aim of institutions in the US, is to not only make sure you receive relevant knowledge but also imbibe in you professional skills. This ensures you have the relevant skills in the professional world, giving you better growth prospects.

• 100 acres of pizza are served in the US everyday
• The flag was curated by high school student, Robert G Heft
• The capital was originally New York City
• USA consumes 18% of the world’s energy
• USA invented the internet

USA- Overseas Study In The American Dream

Student Testimonials:

Though I took the decision to study in USA quite late, Edwise efficiently enrolled me in an excellent university without me experiencing any pressure. Thanks for making my dream come true.

Name - Sheetal Shah
Country - USA
University - Long Island University

It has been wonderful, whenever I visited Edwise right from the planning stage, application stage till getting a visa they were there to guide me all the way.

Name - Rohan Shirodkar
Country - USA
University - Texas A & M-College

It was really great being consulted by Edwise !! The most amazing part was the friendly atmosphere made there.

Name - Dhruv Shah
Country - USA
University - Pace University

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