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University Degrees Australia- Road to the future

August 2019

Education in Australia is highly sought after by international students and the reason for the same can be attributed to the fact that it is comparatively cheaper than other destinations. A growing economy, Australia offers stay back opportunities to students that have qualifications which are sought after by them. There are over 41 universities in Australia, that cater to a large number of international students. The degrees offered at these institutions are world renowned, therefore the job opportunities offered to these graduates are profound.

Universities and colleges in Australia. have an interlinked network of qualifications known as the Australian Qualification Framework, through which the pupil can move through various levels of study and receive credit for the same.

Moreover, courses in Australia have a CRICOS Code, provided by the government, ensuring that the quality is maintained. Due to the confidence in this system, a large number of international students decide to study in Australia.

Study in Australia

Qualifications offered

Diploma/ Advanced Diploma: This is provided by the university, highlighting the fact that the student has completed a said course. The duration of the same varies according to the program. A large number of prominent universities offer Advanced Diplomas.

TAFE Certificate: Vocational Education and Training in Australia offers a wide range of vocational education and training courses. A large number of students opt for TAFE courses to either train themselves or qualify for a job. This is also seen as a pathway to university. The prominent reason, students decide to undertake the qualification is the economical tuition fees.

Bachelor’s Degree: This undergraduate program ranges from three to five years. The said program is offered across a range of disciplines such as Arts, Business, Computer Science, Health Science and many more.

Graduate Diploma/ Graduate Certificate: A level 8 study, the duration of the same ranges between 0.5-1 years. The skills attained at this level of study not only enable students to attain lucrative jobs but also pursue higher studies. Admission for the same can be attained through completion of a Bachelor’s degree or a higher degree and work experience.

Master’s Degree: This can either be pursued through a research degree or coursework or taught program. Duration of the degree ranges between 1-2 years and a variety of options are provided to the students. Each university offers varied capabilities and strengths. Universities in Australia are known for the impetus they provide to research activities therefore a large number of students are drawn to the same.

Doctoral Degree: Upon satisfying certain criteria, students are at the liberty of pursuing a PhD program.

Entry Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree: In the twelve years of schooling, the student is required to have achieved a prominent academic record. Moreover, students are required to showcase adequate English Language proficiency, the scores required for the same vary according to the program. However, a 6.0 in IELTS, 79 on the TOEFL and a 50-58 in PTE is desirable. If the pupil is looking to pursue a Computing or Engineering program, knowledge in Mathematics and Science may become a prerequisite.

Master’s Degree: It is extremely critical that the student has a good academic record in their Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university. As mentioned earlier, English Language proficiency is crucial, therefore a 6.5 in IELTS, 90 in TOEFL and 59-64 in PTE is considered desirable. Specific entry criteria for courses may differ, however if the student is looking to pursue an MBA, work experience becomes critical. Depending upon the university GMAT score for the MBA program may be required. Specific entry requirements vary upon the course.

Application Procedure

Institutions in Australia have two intakes in February and July respectively. However, a few universities offering intakes in September and November respectively. Ideally students should commence applications seven to eight months prior to the intake period. Because universities take 4-6 weeks to process the application, ample time should be devoted for the same.

Popular courses

• Agriculture
• Business Administration and Law
• Education
• Engineering
• Health Science
• Hospitality and Tourism
• Humanities
• Mathematics and Computing
• Science
• Visual and Performing Arts
• Communications
• Information Technology
• Social Studies


Study in Australia

Study in Australia

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